Chapter 27: Mind Blown

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• t a y l o r •
Today we are heading to the doctors office to see if I am still/got pregnant.
Ed turns on the radio, as I fiddle with my sweaty, shaking fingers.
Oh darling don't you ever grow up
"Ed! That's my song!" I exclaimed, jumping up in my seat.
"What?!" He said. "Oh my god it's on the radio!!" He said, waving his hands around and completely acting like a fan girl.
I did too.


"Mr. and Mrs. Sheeran?" The nurse called. Ed and I stood with our shaking hands.
The nurse lead us to a, beige, dull, and pristine room, then closing the door as she walked out and left us to be.

I burst into tears a split second after the door shut. "Taylor?! What's wrong baby?" He said, jumping up from his seat. "I-I don't know!" I sobbed, completely wetting his shirt.
"Shhh baby. It's ok. It'll be alright." He cooed, rubbing my back.
I wiped my tears, and calmed myself down, also mentally preparing myself for what was to come.

"Hello guys!" My doctor smiled, walking in and setting her clipboard on the table. "What's going on Taylor?" My doctor asked, with a concerned look in her eyes. "I think I might still be pregnant."
"Have you taken a test?" I shook my head. "Ok, we'll just run a few tests." She said, as I nodded my head.

•after the tests•
I woke up to an impatient looking Ed, and a smiling doctor. "Taylor, Ed, I have a lot of news for you. Just bare with me." I nodded. "Taylor, you were carrying twins. Only one of the twins died from the kick, in which we surgically took care of. We didn't notice the second baby, because we weren't in that part of the uterus. You are 4 months pregnant with a baby girl."
"What!?" Ed and I screamed in unison.

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