Chapter 7: Best Day Ever

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Amanda's Pov


Three pins of ice cream, four movies, and tons of YouTube videos later I was feeling better. "Amanda, how would you feel if I adopted you and the twins?"I looked at Taylor and smiled. "That would be amazing, but you have your career, I don't want to take that from you." I said. "I talked with my manager." She said. "He told me it would an amazing idea." She explained. "And I already filed the papers. I'm your legal mom now." I jumped up in shock "Oh My Gosh! Thank you so much Taylor- I mean mom- I mean I don't really know. What should I call you?" I stuttered. "Call me mom or Taylor." She said.

I hugged her close and she hugged me back, until we heard little pitter patters of tiny feet, and giggling. "Shhh Sandy!" Emily giggled. By now they were close to the fort. "Woah!!" They screamed in unison. "Let's go in!" Sandy suggested. "EAT THE COOKIES!" Taylor yell whispered. They came in to us stuffing our faces with the cookies. "COOKIES!" They echoed. "You caught us. Dig in." Taylor admitted with her mouth full. "But only 3 per person. Then we're going to the park so we can have a picnic." Taylor explained.

"And that way Amanda and I can talk about something." Taylor said kind of hinting me to figure out HOW IN CRAP ARE WE GOING TO TELL THE TWINS?!?! I nodded at her. "ICE CREAM!" Sandy exclaimed. Dang it we forgot to eat the fourth pin. The twins began to head straight for it. "Girls wait that was supposed to be a surprise for the picnic!" Taylor exclaimed. "We're gonna eat the cookies there to so that way, while we're over there you can run around and get all the sugar bugs out of ya." Taylor explained.

I got up and took a record breaking shower, still enjoying it. I changed into a mint colored top from pink and my black lululemon leggings. I changed Sandy into a pink shirt with black and white leopard print leggings. I did the same for Emily but she was wearing a red top. Taylor wore her 'no it's becky' shirt which I LOVE, along with leggings like mine.

We let the girls play a little bit, while making ham sandwiches. While Taylor was finishing those up, I got some Lays and ice cream cones in case the girls wanted that instead. We loaded everything into a basket, and put some fruit, coke, juice, and water into a cooler. Taylor and I loaded everything into the car and we were off to the park.


HI FELLOW HUMANS!! Long time no see! I'm so incredibly sorry I haven't updated. I've been super busy with school, and I'm not allowed to have any gadgets on the weekdays except TV. So I will hopefully be updating more often. Thank you guys SOSOSISOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSO MUCH FOR 580! I love you guys! A picture of the fort will be at the top!

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