Chapter 21: Let's Go!

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"Girls we leave tomorrow! Is everybody packed?" I yelled down the hallway to my daughter's rooms. As usual, no answer. I walked into Emily's room and saw her struggling to zip her suitcase.
"Do you need help baby girl?" I asked. She nodded as I walked over to zip the suitcase. I zipped it up and set it on her bed. "You my little princess, are all ready to go!" I said, getting her excited.

"YAY!!" She yelled for everybody to hear. "Alright, go play with MereBear and Livy while I help your sisters and make dinner!" I suggested. I then walked over to Sandy's room. "I'm good mommy. My bag is ready! When are we gonna go fly?" She asked me. God she is TO DIE FOR!! "Tomorrow.  Come give mommy a hug and go play with Meredith, Liv, and your sister." SHe came up gave me hug, then went off to play. I knocked on Amanda's door and opened it up slightly. "Amanda you good to go?" I asked. She was online shopping obviously. That's my girl! "Yeah mom I'm packed. Do need help with dinner?" she asked. My eyes went wide(O.o) and my face turned red.

"I FORGOT THE CHICKEN!!!!! AND THE PASTA AND AMANDA DON'T JUST SIT THERE C'MON!!!" I screamed running down the stairs to save dinner.

We just finished eating dinner and it was a success. The pasta was a little bit over-boiled and I thought the chicken was baking, but the oven wasn't even on. I could've guaranteed that I turned it on. I pre-made some pancakes, wrapped them up, and placed them in the fridge for breakfast tomorrow. Emily and Sandy took a bath and went to bed. Amanda grabbed a banana and went upstiars to relax a bit more then go to sleep. I then took a shower and watched a little TV. 

Going to bed I thought to myself little do they know, I have a surprise planned for them.

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