Chapter 1: No Place To Go

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Amanda's Pov


"Get out and take your sisters with you! I never want to see the three of you again!" My dad yelled at me. "Guys go wait outside!" I told my siblings. I ran to the kitchen and took whatever food and drink I could.

I ran to our room and grabbed whatever clothes I could, stuffing it in the luggage.

I ran downstairs than outside before my father could say anything else. I clutched my siblings hands and walked down the driveway. Crap my phone. Good thing it's on the patio table. I climbed onto the bars and grabbed my phone and charger. I saw my dad's iPad so i took that too. 'He won't be needing that' I thought to myself. I hopped down and popped the devices in the luggage.

Well now you know what happened. Let me tell you the rest.

My mom was out one day, shortly after the girls were born getting groceries. And she just, she never came back. My dad turned into someone, wait actually a monster that lost a piece of him. I always had to take care of the girls. Be their mom.

I remember my moms last words before she left.. "Love you guys! I'll be home shortly! " My little sister snapped me out of my thoughts. "Amanda? Can we call you mommy?" Emily asked me. I looked at sandy and she nodded in delight. "Sure baby girls!" I told them. "Mommy I'm boreddd." Sandy whined. "Tell you what? Let's go to your favorite pool!"


Hey guys! I'm really excited about this book so once I get 5 reads I'll update.

Love y'all


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