Chapter 25: Drama & Shock

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Before I start this chapter I am so excited to say I'm continuing this book until chapter 40/50! Hope you like this chapter! Also make sure you read the authors note at the end!
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It's the day we leave for our honeymoon, 1 month from my wedding. I didn't want to go on a honeymoon, but Ed insisted, so here we are. Ed has planned the ENTIRE thing so I don't have a clue to where we're going, how long we'll be staying and all of that jazz. Ed told me were going someplace hot, so I packed all the stuff we would need to go somewhere hot.
We were also taking my private jet just cause. If you have a private jet, why not use it?
We were then whisked through security and onto the runway to board my jet. There were so many Swifties and I was walking while waving at all of them. One specific Swiftie caught my eye. She was sobbing her heart out and her head was against the window. Her dad was pulling her arm and yelling at her to stop.
"Ed, stop." I said suddenly.
"What is it love?" He asked concerned.
"There's a fan. She was crying and wearing a tour shirt, with bracelets as well. Her dad was hurting her, and yelling at her to stop. I want to go see her." I explained. He nodded.
"PAUL!!" I screamed. "Yes Mrs. Sheeran?" He asked politely. "I want to go see that fan." I sternly said. "I'm afraid that cannot be done." Paul said.

"You're fired. Unless I can go see her." I ordered. Paul let out a sigh "Let's go." He said in defeat. I smiled. We walked towards the plane and everyone looked confused by what was happening. I stepped on the stairs and made my way up while Paul went to the pilot and explained what was happening. I walked through the plane, and finally found the girl. "Hi sweetheart! What's your name?" I asked.

"Oh my God. Oh my God." She said beginning to freak out.
"Listen why don't you just back off." He said standing up and kicking me in the stomach, which ended up with me on top of another person. "Taylor!" I heard voices scream. The last thing I saw was the girls father getting handcuffed by Paul, and then everything went black.


I woke up unsure of what was happening. I saw Amanda, Emily, Sandy, Ed, Austin, my parents, and that little girl crying and saying "It's all my fault." With her head in her hands.
I sat up. "What's going on?" I said confused.
"Taylor baby your okay!" My mom said running up to me.
"Oh My God Taylor!" Ed said, showing me with kisses.
"Guys? What happened? All I remember is that guy kicking me."

"Baby he's in jail.  He kicked you so bad, you uh. um." 
"Taylor, baby, he kicked you so hard, he killed the baby."
"What baby?!" I asked confused.
"Taylor, you were pregnant. That man kicked you so hard, he killed the baby."

That was all it took for me to burst into tears.


SURPRISE!! This Was Destiny is coming back! I was really sad it was over, with so little chapters, so I'll be continuing it! *cheers* *screams* This is just like a mini chapter letting you all know This Was Destiny is back!
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