Chapter 30: Crazy World

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Let's just pretend there's a huge piñata instead of those boxes:)

• t a y l o r •

As soon as I finished the final touch of pink lipstick, I heard a knock on the door. The twins were getting dressed while Ed was conversing with a guest.
I walked out of my bathroom and rushed down the stairs.
I opened the door to reveal my mom in a bright pink dress. "Hey momma!!" I exclaimed, pulling her in for a hug. "Hey sweetheart! How are you feeling!?" She asked me. "I feel amazing mom, thanks."
It then hit me that my dad wasn't at the door to greet me. I looked outside, assuming he was grabbing presents or food or something.
I quickly glanced outside to find pink and blue decorations, but no dad. I glanced over at the driveway to find
my car decorated, but no dad.

"Mom, where's dad?!" I said beginning to panic with tears willing up in my eyes. My mom's huge smile immediately turned to a frown, as did mine.

This isn't good.

"Sweetie, he's upset. He didn't come." My mom said, with pity in her eyes.
"What do you mean he's upset!?" I said, letting a tear slip from my eyes. Glad I wore waterproof mascara.
"He's mad at you. And Ed. He's not too fond, or happy with the idea of you being pregnant." My mom explained, letting her voice crack.
I pulled my mom into the downstairs bathroom, and closed the door, beginning to cry. My mother pulled me in for a hug.

"Why momma?! Why?! How could he do this to me?" I wailed.
My mom's response was rubbing my back.
"Doesn't he love me?" I sobbed, pulling away from the hug, and looking her straight in the eye.
"Of course he does. He just needs time."
"Time?! It's been 2 months since I've told you guys I was pregnant. Actually, forget it. Screw him. I hate him. I hate him with passion." I said, wiping my tears and gritting my teeth.

"Sweetie-No mom. I hate him. I'm glad he's not here. That's final." I cut her off, storming out.

I automatically felt guilty.

I turned around and looked at my mother with apologetic eyes.
"Mom I'm sorry. I'm just upset with him and my hormones are everywhere." I said cracking up. What is wrong with me?

"It's ok sweetheart. I understand. Don't cry. Don't think about him ok? It's a happy day, happy thoughts." She said, enveloping me in a hug.
"Thanks mom, I love you. "
"Love you more sweetie. "
I walked away to find the twins in the backyard on the trampoline. I walked out to tell them that he wasn't here.
"Emily! Sandy!" Come here please! " I called.
The girls bounced towards the exit, putting on their flip flops and running towards me. "Mommy?" Emily said, looking up at me with her precious blue eyes.
"Yes, sweet girl?" I responded, kneeling down to her level.
"Sandy made cards for Nana and Papa. Sandy gave Nana her card but I couldn't find Papa. Can you go get him. I wanna give him his card." She explained.

I'm gonna kill him.

"Sweetie, Papa isn't here." I said, most likely breaking her precious little heart.
Tears immediately welled up in both of their eyes.
"B-But why?" Sandy sobbed. I pulled them aside.
"Listen girls. Papa, he did something very mean. We're not talking with him anymore ok? Nana is still here and she loves you girls very much."

"Ok mommy." Emily said wiping her tears. "But what did he do?" Sandy wondered.
"It's-I'll tell you when you're older, ok?" I said. They're taking this very lightly. After a hug, the girls ran off in their pink tutus to go play.

Amanda was talking with Ed when I walked back inside. I approached them.
"Hey, Taylor? Do you know where Scott is? I've been looking all over for him." Ed asked, with concern in his eyes.

"That's why I'm here. Let's go down to the basement so nobody hears us." I said, quietly. If anybody heard us, I'll never hear the end of it.

Amanda and Ed followed me down to the basement. We closed the door behind us and sat on the couch.
"Mom, is he ok?" Amanda asked, just as concerned as Ed.

"Ed, Amanda. He didn't come. He didn't want to. He's mad at me because I'm pregnant."

Amanda's eyes were filled with anger. I've never seen that in her. Ed, well, he had no expression on his face.
"We will not be speaking with, or of him anymore." Ed declared. Amanda's eyes developed a softer expression, as we both nodded and headed upstairs.

"Auntie Taylor!" Juliet said latching onto me the second I arrived upstairs.
"Yes, precious girl?" I said, looking into her beautiful blue eyes.

"Mommy and Daddy finished!" She exclaimed. "That's awesome darling! Why don't you go call the kids to wait?" I said, excitedly. She nodded, then ran outside to call everyone.

I walked over to the table and stood up on top of it. "Everyone! May I have your attention please!" I yelled, getting everyone's attention the first time.
"Austin and Sarah have finished setting up. There are chairs set up for the adults. All children will be able to smack the ginormous life-sized piñata. We will allow 2 at a time. Whichever color candy comes out, is the gender of our babies! " I explained. All of the adults ushered outside and onto the chairs. All of the kids were sitting down and patiently waiting to hit the piñata.
"Ok kids! I have a bucket of all of your names. I'm gonna close my eyes and pick out 2 names! Whichever names I pick get to hit the piñata twice! When the candy comes out, we have to be very nice, and share with others. There is plenty of candy for all of you!" I explained, as clearly as I could to the kids. There are only 12 kids, which adds up perfectly.

I closed my eyes and reached into the bucket, grabbing two papers. I opened my eyes and unfolded them, then reading them.
"Lulu and Sandy!" I exclaimed. Both of the girls ran up and grabbed baseball bats. "Ok! When I say Ready, Set, Go, you hit it one time as strong as you can!" I explained, once more.

"Ready, Set, Go!" I exclaimed.
"Ready, Set, Go!" I exclaimed for the 7th time. By, now Ed was at my side with his arm around my waist. I closed my eyes and prayed that these girls would get it.

My prayers were answered.

I heard the piñata open and the kids screaming.
"Taylor, look! Open your eyes!" Ed exclaimed. I opened my eyes to find kids grabbing pink candy left and right.

Ed and I were having, 2, beautiful, baby girls.

Tears streamed out of my eyes like never before. Ed kissed me passionately, and we both pulled away ecstatic.

The adults began setting down, from cheering and clapping. I could not prevent smiling from ear to ear, knowing in 7 months, I would be the mother of two more, beautiful baby girls.

I saw Amanda walk over, and she enveloped me in a huge hug. She was smiling as big as she could, just like I am.

Now, we announce their names.

Ed and I stood a top of a table. "Their names are......
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