Chapter 23: The Proposal

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(Picture above👆👆is not Taylor and Ed I just found a proposal pic on Google that went well with the chapter. Just pretend that's Taylor and Ed for the sake of the book:D)

I dropped the girls off at a kids day care place thingy while I carefully stalked Taylor.. I mean mom and hopefully soon to be dad, getting the whole night on video. Ed just payed for their dinner and the sun looked ready to set. Mom was wearing a red dress going up to her knees with black heels. Ed was wearing a red suit with a black jacket, pants, and shoes. As they were walking across the beach, they came across the heart full of petals I had set up earlier. The cute lifeguard made sure nobody would touch it.
I began recording.
"Ed look that's so pretty!" Taylor said walking towards it. By now they were arm in arm standing on the heart.
Ed was handed a guitar and began singing "Marry me Juliet you'll never have to be alone I love you and that's all I really know. I talked to your dad you'll pick out a white dress its a love story baby just say yes!" Ed gave the guitar back and got down on one knee. Tears began filling Taylor's eyes. I'm so glad I'm getting this on video. He pulled out a ring and said "Taylor Alison Swift, make me the happiest man in the world tonight. Will you marry me?" Ed proposed. I started crying and mom began sobbing and nodding her head vigorously. He stood up and kissed her passionately, then slid the gorgeous diamond ring on her finger. "Oh Ed it's beautiful! I'm so happy!" She exclaimed.
I then came out of the Palm tree I was hiding behind. Taylor looked it me on shock. I was still recording. "Amanda you were in on this!?" She asked. I nodded my head smiling. I zoomed the camera into the ring. There was writing inside saying 'Mine' in cursive letters. I got a picture of them kissing in the heart on the crack of dawn. We were now well on our way to pick up Em and Sandy. I posted the picture, a clip when Ed proposed, and the clip where Ed sang to Taylor's Instagram using the hashtag #sweeransengaged!
As soon as we arrived home, we looked on social networking and it was everywhere. It was even on the news! Emily and Sandy were ecstatic, and full of excitement. Emily and Sandy were automatically named flower girls, and I was named maid of honor. We called everyone and they were all so excited.
YAY! They're finally engaged andhappy! Comment any ideas for the wedding/next chapter! WE HIT EIGHT THOUSAND READS ON WEDNESDAY THE FIFTEENTH OF APRIL AND I WAS CRYING AT PLAY PRACTICE. Thank you guys! I love you all so much, never forget it!
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