Chapter 18: Safe and Sound Part 1

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I got another phone call. Probably another one of those stupid clues, which haven't done anything. At all. It was a different phone number though. This could be interesting.

"Mommy?" Emily said..... WAIT EMILY
"EMILY BABY GIRL IS THAT YOU!?" I screamed crying
"Yeah mommy please come get me. My other mommy took me but the nice guys took her. There was another girl and she was really really nice and she helped me."
"That's great!!!! I'm coming right now can you put the nice lady on the phone please?"
I asked sobbing. I called Amanda to get Sandy ready so we could go.
"Hello?" She asked
"Hi thank you so much for getting Emily, I can't ever repay you, can you tell me your location?"
"We are at Forever 21 at the mall." She said(I can't remember the exact name of the mall in L.A.)
"I'm coming now." I said.

Hey guys! The second part of this chapter will be longer, I just liked the way it looked where she was like "I'm coming now." It was all like DUN DUN DUN!!!!! The scone part will be published by.... Saturday!
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