Chapter 13: Clue #1

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I just put Sandy to sleep, and Amanda is on her laptop. I haven't gotten anything about Emily and its been three days. I postponed the tour and sent out the tweet explaining everything to the fans. I turned on a movie my thoughts barely focused on it.
After a couple minutes my phone started ringing and I dashed across the hall to answer it. I hope it's something about Emily.

~Kidnapper (special Pov)

I called Taylor just to give her a clue about everything. It'll make things more............ interesting.

"Hello?" I asked.

"Hello? Who is this?" Taylor asked

"I hope you lock your doors tonight. 9318 is your first clue."


Hey guys I know this really really short but I can explain. I will upload everyday a clue leading up to finding Emily. I will do this for a week. THANKS SOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSO MUCH FOR 3.62K!!!!!!! THAT IS AMAZING!!!!!! Let me know if you have any ideas for clues!!!! And if you guys comment 5 times and vote 8 times tonight I'll update the second clue tonight.

Stay Fearless


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