Chapter 31: Nursery Shopping

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It's been two months since the gender reveal party. I am now 6 months pregnant, with twins. I feel huge.

Amanda's date really went well. She now has a boyfriend. His name is Lucas. Ed, absolutely adores him. He is still overprotective, though.

The twins are ecstatic about having another set of twins in the house. They cannot wait to meet Hope and Holly.

Today, Ed and I are going shopping for the girls' nursery. I was snapped out of my thoughts, as Ed took the keys out of the ignition.
I unbuckled my seatbelt, and opened the door getting out of the car. I closed it behind me, and walked towards the entrance. Ed held the door for me; I still get butterflies when he does that.

This place is adorable, and I want everything.

We walked into the little girls section, and looked for two cribs. We saw adorable, extremely light pink cribs. We are basically going to make their nursery look like a garden. We decided we liked those best. Ed took one of the slips, as we continued shopping.

I found an adorable little music player, so I popped that in the basket. I also found glow in the dark flowers, in which I grabbed like 5 packs.
We also found a white dresser, that would fit perfectly with the two cribs.
"Ed, we need a rocking chair. Those things do wonders. " I said. He nodded, and we walked into the rocking chair section-room.
They had the cutest rocking chairs. I decided on a white one to go in the corner of the room. It was then time to pick out blankets, pillows, stuffed animals, etc.
We decided on a flower pillow to go by the rocking chair. "Ed, look!!" I gasped, pointing at the ground. There was a rug, that was basically grass, with flowers and butterflies all over it. "Tay, it's perfect!" Ed exclaimed he picked it up and rolled it, placing it in the cart.

I grinned, and kept walking. Ed then found little butterflies, that you're
supposed to hang from the ceiling.
He popped them in the cart. Now, we need wallpaper. We walked into the wallpaper section and looked at all of the different kinds. I found one with grass and flowers on the bottom, then a blue sky with birds and butterflies in the middle, and clouds at the top, with a sun.
Ed grabbed a slip for that. That wallpaper would cover two of the walls. We then picked out a light pink wallpaper, to cover the other two walls. Ed grabbed a slip for those. Then, he found name tags to place right above the cribs. They're like stickers that go on the wall. We were thankful that both of our girls' names were included.

Then it was time to pay. We walked all the way ball to the front of the store, and stood in the shortest line we could find.
Ed and I are now back home. Austin, my mom, Karlie, and Selena all wanted to come help with the nursery, once I said we were doing it. By an hour later, all of the big items that we needed slips for, were delivered to our house.
Austin, and Ed began carrying the stuff upstairs as Karlie, Selena, and I were opening the small things and putting them wherever they needed to go. Ed brought up the wallpaper, and we began pasting it on. My mom, was making dinner with the twins.

Once the wallpaper was finished, Ed and Austin brought in all of the furniture. I told them where to put everything. We began ripping off the plastic. Karlie, and I were opening the actual rocking chair, while Selena and Amanda did the footrest. Once it was free of plastic, I placed the flower pillow, and pink throw blanket over it. Then, it was time to try it out. I sat down and closed my eyes. "How is it?" Selena asked.
"It's like heaven on earth." I said. I then opened my eyes and stood up, grabbing the remainders of the decorations, and bringing them in. All of the plastic was now in a trash bin, and I began placing everything where it needed to go.

I put the little music player on top of the dresser. Then, I put a little flower mosaic on the other side of it. Amanda put a lamp next to the music player, and plugged it in. Selena and Karlie were putting sheets on the mattresses, placing them in the cribs. Amanda and Karlie began bringing stuffed animals upstairs, as Selena and I placed them in the cribs.
Ed and Austin were hanging the butterflies from the ceiling. I walked downstairs and picked up the rug, bringing it upstairs. Karlie then helped me place it on the floor.
Ed got down from the ladder and took it down stairs. We cleaned up all of the plastic and cardboard, putting it in a box, and throwing it away. I admired the nursery. This is really starting to feel surreal.
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