Chapter 28: I Forgot!!!

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Ed turned into our street as I cried silently. Why I was crying? No idea. How did they not see that child in the uterus?! How did they not see her in the ultrasound?! This just shows how screwed up our world is.

On top of me still carrying, the paparazzi were there. Apparently someone had recorded our doctors appointment outside the window in our room.
What a life we live.


"KIDS! DINNER!" I called, placing the final plate on the table. I walked into the living room with two bowls of cat food. Mere and Liv were chilling on the couch and turned around looking at me as soon as I opened up the door.

I pulled out my phone and snapped a pic of it.
I posted it to Instagram with the caption "I feel like I just interrupted a very important conversation."
I hit post and picked Meredith placing her in my lap. In just months, I would be doing that to my own flesh and blood.
I tried shaking the thoughts out of my head by I couldn't. I was happy, and sad that I was pregnant. The worst part is that I don't know why.
I set Mere on the ground, and placed cat dinner on the ground. I filled up one bowl of milk, and one bowl of water for them to enjoy.
I walked back to the dining room, to find my family filling up their plates with food.
I grabbed a plate myself, and suddenly felt a craving for fries. I ate some Mc Donald's leftovers, then went back to sit with my family.


I woke up the next day to my phone playing the alarm sound. I shut it off then scrolled through my calendar to see what I was in for today.
Oh crap.
It's Emily and Sandy's birthday. I forgot.
I instantly shook Ed awake. "Ed!!" I whisper yelled. "Hmmm." He whined.
"It's Emily and Sandy's birthday!" I said. He shot up out of bed. "Are you serious?!" He yelled, then slapping his hand over his mouth, realizing he had yelled.

I nodded my head. "Listen. Walmart is open. Do this quickly. It's only 6AM, Em and Sandy normally wake up at 11:00AM. Drive to Walmart, and I'll just text you a list of things to get." I said. I picked my jacket off of the floor and pulled out $300.
"Here. Go. Now." I said. Ed dashed to the closet and began getting dressed.

I ran to Amanda's room, shaking her awake. She groaned. "Amanda Swift. Help me. It's the twins' birthday."
With that, she immediately sat up. "I need you to watch the girls. Ed and i are gonna run out and get some stuff. I texted Paul, he'll be here any second. Make the girls cute pancakes with sipped cream smiley faces, berries, and that kind of thing. " I explained. She nodded. I ran back to my room and threw on a romper and flip flops, I put my hair up in a ponytail, and out on some foundation and red lipstick.
I look somewhat put together.
I texted Ed the list of things he needed to get. I looked in my jacket to find $300. I put it back in, threw on my jacket, and ran out the door.
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