Chapter 12: Telling the World, and...... Missing?

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I just finished the first song, and let me tell you - I missed this so much. The screams are louder than ever. "Hi I'm Taylor!" I said as the screams became louder.
"Welcome to the first show of the 1989 world tour!!!" I said - smiling like.... Big. "And before I start the show" *screams* *screams* "I have three special girls that have walked into my life. And I wanna tell you a little bit about them. I hope you won't give the, hate and you'll know they are an important part of me. Guys give it up, but not too loudly for Amanda, Emily and Sandy........ Swift. I adopted these three girls so please please please treat them well. You guys are my Swifties and if you hate on them, I hate to break it to you but then you aren't real Swifties. I am singing Never Grow Up in honor of them. Girls please come up." I said. The twins shyly walked up hand in hand with Amanda behind them.

Your little hands wrapped around my finger and it's so quiet in the world tonight

You little eyelids flutter cause your dreaming so I,

Tuck you in turn on your favorite night light

To you everything's funny

You got nothing to regret

I'd give all I have honey

If you could stay like that.......

I continued strumming chords on my guitar while the crowd was awing at us.

It's after the show and time for the T-Party. I hope my fans enjoy this. I have some pizza, cupcakes, and chocolate chips laid out. I also have a box of toys in the corner for the kids to play with, that Emily and Sandy are playing with. I also have a huge bucket of merchandise. I'm giving each girl a phone case, a coffee cup, an album, and a tote bag all signed by me. I hope they like it. I'm nervous due to the fact it's my first T-Party on this tour.
It's now after the T-Party and my fans absolutely LOVED it. We are all cleaning up now, while Emily was in the restroom. "Mom is it ok if Sandy and I go change into the extra time pjs we brought?" Amanda asked. You could tell she was tired. "Sure, but go check on Emily. And if she's finished change her up too." I said.

I looked in the bathroom, but no Emily. I search the halls, but no Emily. I search the actual stadium, but no Emily. I search the parking lot(which was not fun) but no Emily. I looked at the security footage, panicking. I run back to Taylor's dressing room. "TAYLOR SOMEONE TOOK EMILY SHES GONE WE SEARCHED EVERYWHERE EVEN THE PARKING LOT!!" I screamed. "ITS IN THE SECURITY FOOTAGE COME LOOK!" I yelled again. I showed her the footage and her eyes went wide. "Ok I'm calling 911. Go tell Paul and tell him to get some more bodyguards to help him search. We have to find her soon. Very soon. Now if it's possible. Let's go." And we did. We ran. Sandy was crying on my shoulder as we ran around, telling any security guard we could find.


She hit me. She kicked me. Hard. "TAYLOR IS NOT YOUR REAL MOTHER! I WENT THROUGH GIVING BIRTH TO YOU!!" She screamed hitting me with a cane. "YOU WILL NEVER BE MY REAL MOMMY! TAYLOR IS AND I BET THEY ARE LOOKING FOR ME NOW! YOULL NEVER BE MY REAL MOMMY!" I said fighting, kicking, kicking, biting, scratching, anything I could do to get her away from me. She's my birth-mother

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