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You guys probably hate me right now. I PROMISE next update will be another chapter, and it's definitely coming tomorrow! Again, I'm so so sorry guys!
So I started a new book called 'Stay This Little'! Here's the description:

Ava and Grace were twins, not to mention best friends. When the family is driving home from Ava's dance recital, there's an accident. Ava and Grace only have each other, and they make the most of it. But, what if Taylor Swift comes into the picture? Read to find the roller coaster ride of indescribable love. You'll wish they could Stay This Little.
- Release Date: October 19th 2015 -

• To little Ava and Grace, I dedicate this to you. You both are so precious and amazing, don't let anyone tell you different💖

Hope you check it out!!

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