Chapter 32: I Will Always Love You

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I am so ecstatic for the twins to come. I can't believe it's been almost 9 months since, well, everything. Ed is still convinced that we'll have 2 boys.

I sat in the nursery on the rocking chair in peace. It was almost time for me to go to bed. I was exhausted, yet I wanted to stay up. I sat there and just thought about the fact that in a little over a month, there will be two beautiful baby girls sleeping in those cribs. I thought about how in a month I'll probably be singing Never Grow Up,  with a baby in my arms, in this exact spot. I couldn't wait.

I smiled, and stood up walking to my room. I opened the door and heard Ed in the bathroom, in the shower. I sighed, and put on my pajamas, looking forward to a good nights sleep.

I began to feel one of the babies kick, which ruined my amazing deep sleep. I lied in bed for God knows how long, until a decided on a cup of tea to help me fall back asleep.
I began walking down the hallway, and towards the stairs, when I heard light whimpers and sniffles. They came from Sandy. I remembered one of the first nights they were staying at my house, Sandy came to me, and was crying. I remember the tears All Too Well.

I slowly creaked the door open to find Sandy, lying in bed, crying, with her back towards me. The scene made my heart break-why was she crying? she was fine before going to bed. "Sandy?" I whispered. She jumped, and turned around facing me. Her cries grew louder. "Baby, what's wrong?" I soothed, waking in and sitting next to her. She didn't respond, she just put her head in my lap and cried while I
stroked her hair.

"Sandy, look at me." I said, turning and putting my legs on the bed. I lifted her chin up so she was looking at me.
"What's wrong?" I said, desperately.

"You don't love me. You only pat attention to Em. When the babies come, I'll just be even less important than I already am." She sobbed. Hearing this made my heart shatter.

"Baby, no, you got the wrong idea. I love each and every one of you equally. I was paying more attention to the babies, because we need to be ready for when they come. As for Em, you both are equal to me. You both a my precious baby girls. All of you." I explained. She wrapped her arms around me, and her cries soon turned into whimpers. We lied down on the bed with her head on my chest, as I stroked her hair. It's a habit of mine.

Just as my eyes were about to close, Sandy began to talk. "Mommy?" She whispered.
"Yes, Sandy?" I responded.
"Do you promise you'll love me forever?" She asked. Tears welled up in my eyes.
"Sandy Rosanna Swift. I promise that I will ALWAYS love you." I said looking her in the eye. I knew that this was family.


Hey guys! I know it's a really short chapter, but I wanted to get an update up for you guys. This week is the end of the trimester, so I'm super busy studying for quizzes and tests, and preparing for my report card.
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