Chapter 20: Were going to St. Maarten!

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We just put the girls to bed, and they are sleeping in my room tonight. Paul(my bodyguard) Is watching a movie with them and keeping an eye on them. There are also police guards lined up around my house. I really appreciate it.

Amanda and I are looking at hotels. We were thinking of going to St. Maarten, where my parents went for their honeymoon. I called them, and they said it was awesome, and there's tons of fun activities for the kids. (I've been there myself, if your looking for somewhere to go on vacation I highly recommend it.) I searched up some good hotels. I clicked on Divi Resorts which looked pretty good. We would be right on the beach. There's three restaurants, all day everyday. Those are on the beach as well. There's apparently a huge gift shop right next door.
We can also swim with dolphins. We're gonna be carried out into the ocean to snorkel as we'll and look at fish. I don't think I want to snorkel as there could be sharks. They would go in 3 miles deep and the water is freezing and someone could go missing. The Dolphins have their own like private pool things so that's totally safe.
There is also a breakfast buffet every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday which is good. "AMANDA, EMILY, AND SANDY COME CHECK OUT THIS HOTEL!"
Emily and Sandy came running down the stairs while Amanda was in the kitchen so she just walked over to the couch. "Woah mommy are we gonna go with the Dolphins?" Emily asked amazed. I nodded. "And we're gonna be right by the beach. The restaurants are by the beach too. And every other day there's gonna be a breakfast buffet. Do you guys know what that is?" I asked. The twins shook their heads no. "It's when the chefs make a bunch of food and they put it in trays on a long table. Then you go pick out the food that you want and out it on your plate." I explained/rambled. "They're gonna have it every Monday Wednesday and Friday!" I exclaimed.

The girls both nodded their heads, eager for me to book it. I booked a hotel with 2 bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen, and a living room. The girls were both running around jumping from excitment. Were gonna go for 2 weeks, then I'll start my tour back up around 2 weeks after that.

Amanda, Emily, and Sandy got out their luggages along with me so we could start packing. We leave in 2 days.

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