Chapter 8: The Big News

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Taylor's Pov
Once we arrived at the park, the girls went off to play, and Amanda and I discussed how were going to tell the twins.
"Maybe we could play guessing game. It's a cute little game where we say the first letter of a word, and give hints to what the words are. The girls are spectacular readers, so we could type the words 'Taylor adopted us' on my phone." Amanda thoroughly suggested.
I nodded my head and we called the girls over.
The both started slowly eating their sandwiches, while Taylor and I did the same.
"Guys, you want to play guessing game?" Amanda asked them.
"YEAH!" They both screamed. Amanda and I let out small giggles. "Ok it starts with a T, she's a singer, and has blonde hair." I hinted
"TAYLOR!" They yelled in unison once more. I nodded my head, and Amanda typed 'Taylor' on her phone.
"Ok it starts with an a, its when kids have new homes, and most people go to court for it."
"A...... Ummm?!" Both girls ummmed for 2-4 minutes. While eating sandwiches. "Adopted?" Sandy asked unsure. I nodded my head, and watched the smile appear on her face.
"Ok it starts with a u, it can have 2 more people in it, and it's used in a lot of sentences." Taylor said.
"Udgesunsi?" Sandy made up " I don't know." She said sadly.
"US!" Emily exclaimed. I nodded my head, and she smiled just like Sandy. They are identical twins after all.
"So what's the sentence?" I asked them. "I can't wemember." Sandy said, sad once more.
"Me either." Emily said, a frown appearing on her adorable little face. Taylor handed her my phone, and let's just say. She. Was. Shocked. It was so adorable.
She dropped the phone, and Sandy picked it up, and her jaw dropped down to floor.
They both ran to Taylor jumped on screaming "MOMMY!" in unison. A familiar lady walked past us, giving us strange looks.
I told Taylor, and she shrugged her shoulders. We went home, and I went to bed thanking God for a new mom in my life, but also to keep us safe from that lady.
I couldn't get out of my head.
But Taylor Swift is my mom.
I never thought this was destiny. (A/N did ya see what I did there ;))


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