Chpt 37: Escape

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Bowser Jr hobbled off into the dark corners in an alleyway. He saw bags of trash lying nearby and dived right into them, tossing the bin bags over himself to hide until the coast was clear. Not too far away, there were sounds of metal clanking and heavy footsteps. He could hear them rush right past the alleyway and move on to another area. He held still under the bin bags, hoping that he wouldn’t be caught. He thought that I’d be a good idea to hide there in the trash for a while till the guards cleared out. But the chances of that happening was very slim. He decided to stay quiet and wait for the opportunity to rise, but he would need to act soon and fast…


Meanwhile, not too far away…

Bowsette and her men were getting ready to leave to go and save Bowser Jr. Just as they were packed and ready to leave, right outside the house, they could hear someone. All of them stood still, waiting to see what would happen next. Inside the house, the wooden floor was old and creaky, with cracks in the floorboards leading down into the basement. One misstep on the wrong spot, and the noise could give away their position.

Everything went quiet after a few seconds. Slowly, everyone started looking around, trying to figure out whether or not the person skulking around outside had moved on or he’s still outside. Then they saw it, a shadow, from the window to their right. Although it was faint, they could all make out the silhouette of a person standing by the window. Luckily the inside of the house was very dark, and the floorboards barred against the window, left very few gaps for anyone to peep inside.

If there was just one of them outside, then she could easily march out there and take him out. But she needed to know exactly where Bowser Jr was if she had a chance of getting her and her men out of mushroom kingdom together.

The shadow started to move away from the window, moving closer to the front door. Bowsette slowly moved towards the front door. She pressed herself against the wall, waiting for the moment when the intruder would rear his head inside.

Just outside the door, a castle guard inspected the front porch, checking to see If there were any signs of life around. He had heard some noise coming from the house, and decided to investigate. He had walked around the house to try and get a good look at the inside, but since it was all boarded up, it was hard. Now, as he turned the doorknob to the front door open, he could hear the wood creak. Slowly, he pushed it just enough as too where he could peep through. Then, in one go, he charged right in, with his weapon in hand. What he saw shocked him, but at the same time he was filled with excitement. After all the trouble everyone was having trying to find them, in the end, he’s the one who found the Koopa. He tried to get a good look at them but there wasn’t any time, he had to alert the others. He was about to yell, when all of a sudden, he was dealt a serous blow to the gut. He collapsed to the ground, the pain was unbearable.

A few moments later, he could feel someone grab his armour from the back, and drag him inside. Quickly the light from outside disappeared as the front door shut closed. He didn’t have the strength to fight back, not with the pain he was felt in his gut. When he stopped moving, he opened his eyes. Looking down on him, from all sides, were the Koopa. He cursed under his breath, is this the end for me? he thought  

From behind, he felt someone hit him on his helmet. He turned around and saw someone unlike the Koopa. It was obviously a she from her figure, not to mention her voice. Covered in black, her face concealed.

“Take off your helmet”

“Listen here you, I won’t take orders from-“, immediately, before he could finish, he was pressed down onto the ground by two Koopa men. He struggled against their weight pressing down on his arms. While he was pinned down, another Koopa came forward and forcefully removed his helmet and tossed it aside. They brought him back up, and forced him to face her.

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