Chpt 41 : Guilt

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The rain came down heavy, tiny droplets of water seeped through the small cracks in the window. Mario had been lying, curled up, in his bed. When he woke up earlier this morning, the sky was dark, storm clouds looming above the kingdom. Not too long after, the weather had taken a turn for the worst. He wondered how his house was doing. How he wished he could lie down in his bed, instead of in a cold, damp cell. He did manage to have his meals as usual. At least that's something to be grateful for, he thought.

He had asked one of the patrol guards to bring him an extra blanket. Since there weren't that many prisoners, the guard accepted and brought him at least two more blankets. The only downside was that they weren't thick enough to keep him warm, but Mario wasn't one to complain, given the circumstances. It was going to be a long time till he could walk freely again. He had hoped, somehow, that Peach would finally set him free, that maybe she would come to understand that it was never his intention to cause her trouble. But the chances of seeing her again were very slim.

It was too late to regret now. But every day, he wondered where exactly he went wrong. Maybe it really was a mistake for thinking she had changed, that she was a different person from the who she was once was.

If only I could take it all back...


Luigi put his luggage down in his room and settled into the inn. He had left his horse by the stables and went straight to the inn that he'd be sleeping at for the night. Once the rain had settled down, he left the cabin and made his move and headed for his last stop of the day. By the time he got there, the rain had completely stopped. When he was done, he headed to the dining area of the inn and ordered himself some lamb stew.

While he waited for his meal, he walked around the inn, admiring all the paintings and furniture that had adorned the place. He took this time to think about the journey ahead. He still wasn't sure what exactly he was going to do to help Mario's situation, but he figured that if there was anyone that could clear his name, it would be her.

While he was busy walking around, an old man came up to him, "Do you need any help young man?"

Luigi looked at the elderly man, confused, "I'm sorry?"

"You looked like you had a lot on your mind"

"I guess so..."

The old man chuckled, "Well perhaps you'd like to hear one of my stories to help take your mind off of things"

Luigi chuckled, he wanted to be alone, but at the same time there was so much going through his head, that he needed something to help clear his head a little.

"I wouldn't mind"

The old man smiled, and gestured Luigi to follow him. The two of them walked to the back of the of the inn. Once they sat down, the old man cleared his throat, and told him a story about a ghost that used to haunt the inn a long time ago. Luigi wasn't in the least bit interested, especially since he had dealt with ghosts on a few occasions in the past. As the old man carried on with his story, Luigi could feel his eyelids start to get heavier. The story wasn't all that interesting, but he didn't want to be rude, so he tried his best not to fall asleep right then and there. But then the old man mentioned something very interesting that Luigi's eyes suddenly shot wide open, "I'm sorry could you repeat that?"

"A bunch monsters I saw on one of his late-night strolls, big and green"

Luigi was wide awake now.

"It was a cold dark night, like now, the rain had just stopped, and I decided to go take a stroll, get some fresh air"

"Isn't it unsafe to travel at night. I mean, aren't there muggers around the area?"

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