Chpt 26 : Safe Travels

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He had just collected his earnings from his last job. The man who requested his services was very grateful for all his help in fending off King Boo and his horde of ghosts.

"Thank you, Good sir. Because of you, our village is safe once again"

"It's-a not a problem, just doing my job"

Luigi dusted his hat, and put it back on. He grabbed the bag of gold and silver coins and placed it in his backpack.

"If you ever need help again, don't be afraid to send for me again, and I'll be here ASAP"

The old man bowed his head," Safe Travels good sir"

After closing the door behind him, Luigi walked to the inn that he was staying at. It was dawn, and he still had many stops to go before he finally made it back to the mushroom Kingdom. He gathered, that if he carried on, making little stops as he could, he would be there by tomorrow, or at best the day after tomorrow.

When he got back to the inn, he had one of the bell boys help him pack his luggage onto the carriage he'd be traveling in. Once his belongings were packed, he walked to the receptionists table to pay for his stay, "Keep your money sir, you've done more than enough for our village"

But Luigi handed her the money he owed. "I was just doing business Mam. As much as I appreciate your gracious offer, I'm afraid my consciousness won't let me live it down"

"Thank you sir!"

After he made his payment, he walked to the front of the carriage and spoke to the man that'll be handling the reins.

"All ready sir?"

"Yes, we can leave now"

"Hop in then and let's get moving, days 'a wasting"

Luigi made himself comfy, since it was going to be a long journey. The village they left was situated in the valley. Luckily the man who was driving knew the land well.

To pass the time, Luigi pulled out a diary, detailing the events that transpired thus far on his journey. He had left the Mushroom Kingdom a month ago to take care of business, when during his travels he received a message from the village that he had just left. Of course, the matter didn't take very long.

Now that he was on his way back, he wanted to write down all the things he got up, so he could tell Mario about it when he gets back, lest he forget the most important details. He was thinking whether to visit Mario first or go to his place and drop off his luggage. Even though they used to live together, Luigi wanted to move out and get his own place.

He was also thinking that it was about time that he settled down. I'm not getting any younger. He wondered weather Mario hooked up with Princess Peach yet, or if he was still living the single life. He hadn't gotten one letter from him, not one. But neither did he send one, so who was he to complain. The carriage shook, completely knocking him off balance.

He got up onto his feet and moved to the front, pushing the blinds aside, he called out to the carriage driver, "What's going on?"

"Don't worry about it, just some stones is all. We should be down in about an hour, and from there it's smooth sailing if you know what I mean"

"Okay then, I'll leave things up to you"

He pushed the blinds back in place, and went back to his spot. He wanted to finish updating his journal. 1 hour was enough to get something done.


After making the trip out of the valley, they travelled another couple hours on the countryside. By the time they made it to their first stop, it was already lunch time. The horses needed to be fed, hydrated and given some rest. The carriage driver parked off at the stables. Once they docked, Luigi stepped outside to stretch his body. "We might be here for at least an hour or two. Our next stop isn't that far away either"

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