Chpt 22 : Mood Swings

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"Eat up"

Bowsette took a spoonful of soup and swallowed it. It wasn't tasty, but it was meant to help her get better. She couldn't understand how she managed to get such a high fever. At first, when she woke up, she didn't feel all that different, except a mild backache. Then as the day carried on, she was beginning to feel sicker. She assumed it was the heat, so she decided to lie down. When she woke up, she had felt even worse then earlier. Luckily, Mario had been there trying to make her feel better.

The sun had set, and the weather had taken a sudden U-turn. Despite how hot it was, the night was a little cooler. Thankfully, the ice-cream made it a little better, but Bowsette wasn't having it, at least not while she had a fever. But that didn't stop Mario from enjoying himself.

"I hope you choke on it"

"Now's not my fault you got sick"

She wasn't expecting it either. She never really got sick that often. Still, she never would've imagined that he'd be taking care of her health. She could have easily taken care of herself now that she was feeling a little better, so why go through the trouble of watching over her.

"You can leave whenever you want to ya know"

"You have to take your medication. Luckily, I had some flu medication tucked away in the medicine cabinet in the bathroom"

"If you told me then I could've gone and got it myself!"

I don't need to be taken care of by anyone damnnit!

"I don't doubt it, but do you know what medicine to take if you're sick?"

Her brow furrowed, "No...."

" you know that you might get even more sick, or worse, if you take the wrong medication?"

I get it already, just shut the fuck up," I get it! Just shut up already-"

Her sentence was cut short, when she felt a little stabbing pain in her lower back.

"You shouldn't move around too much just yet"


Mario grabbed the empty bowl of soup and carried it downstairs into the kitchen. After five minutes he came back upstairs with a tray of water, and some pain and flu tablets. He handed her the glass of water along with the tablets in the other hand. After she took her medication, she laid back down in bed. Mario walked over to the room window and left it slightly open to allow a cool breeze in.

"try to get some sleep. I'll check on you in the morning"

"Yeah yeah I get it"

"And if you need anything else- "

"Just get out already! I'll wake you up myself if I need anything!"

Actually, you could just call me, he thought. I don't want to get hit on the head like last time. He left her room, leaving the door wide open. In case she called. It was still a bit early, might as well go watch a some Tv


Meanwhile, back home at Bowsette's castle...

Many of the Koopa had been busy rebuilding the castle. When she left, she gave strict orders to have it done before her return. A handful of Koopa were preparing some tools, Boowsette's orders. They had been given a few extra orders that needed to be done before next week. They were scheduled to leave a day before her plan needed to be carried out, and wait for her signal before they could sneak into the Mushroom Kingdom, with all their gear in tow.

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