Chpt 23: Gratitude

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She didn't look that sick anymore, he thought.

Bowsette had slept for the entire morning. It was already lunch and she was still snoozing. She didn't look like she had a high fever either. He walked over to her side, and looked a little closer. She seemed to be breathing normally, no snot blocking her nose. Gently, he put a hand against her forehead. It wasn't as hot as the day before. Strange, he thought.

He noticed the empty bowl if soup on the dresser, but that was hours ago. If her appetite isn't working as usual, then she still must feel a bit off. He also noticed that the bathroom light had been left on, but from the looks f it, she didn't have a shower. Not to mention that this would really bring up his electricity bill. He grabbed the empty bowl and walked over to the bathroom to turn the light off.

He looked around one last time before turning the lights off, but something caught his attention. On the floor by the sink, little droplets of blood. He didn't know what to make of it at first. The last he saw her she seemed okay...a little moody, but okay. He didn't want to leave the stain there, so he grabbed a used towel from the washing basket, added a little hot water and wiped it off. He looked around the bathroom for any more drops of blood, but there was nothing.

Afterwards, he left the bathroom, turned the lights off, and walked over to Bowsette. He looked over her very carefully, trying to figure out just where exactly she might have gotten hurt or something. From head to toe, he couldn't see any signs whatsoever.

He wanted to check the rest of her body, but she was lying on her side. He wanted to flip her over, but doing so would wake her up, and she definitely wouldn't like that. He didn't want to waste time thinking of the safest option, so he just made her lie on her back, without waking her up.

He tried looking again, but didn't notice anything suspicious either. That is, until an idea popped into his head. He didn't want to think about it, because he didn't think it was possible. Either way Mario looked between her legs. Even though it was non-sexual, he still felt a bit embarrassed about it.

He peeped just a little, until finally, he saw little, dried up blood stains on her inner thigh. Nothing major, just a few tiny stains. He felt relieved that it wasn't anything serious, but then he was also a bit concerned because he didn't know what to do about her situation.

"Bowsette?", he called out to her. "Hey, wake up"

She didn't look like she wanted to wake up just yet, since the only recognition he got was faint mumbling. Best not to wake her up just yet, he thought.

Afterwards, he walked back down to the kitchen and put the bowl in the sink. He'll clean the little dishes that he left, later. Right now, he figures he'd run to the market to grab a few extra ingredients for tonight's supper. He grabbed his wallet and keys and headed out the door. Hopefully, by the time he gets back, Bowsette would still be asleep. He wasn't going to be gone long.

Mario ran over to local butchery and purchased a couple steaks, red meat. He figured he'd buy some more veggies to go along with the steak. he thought about going to buy some extra ingredients but thought it wouldn't be necessary. He would make do with whatever else he had stocked up back at home.


About half and hour later, Mario made it back home. It was just around the afternoon, and the sun was beginning to set. He had spent a little more time wandering around the market for a little extra treats. Once he made it back, he walked over to the kitchen and started separating all his cooking ingredients from the groceries that he bought for later. He took out the meat he bought, along with the veggies and some seasoning and started preparing the meal.

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