Chpt 45: The Bandit Leader

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Luigi was tied up again, only this time, it was to a wooden pole. Still a little dazed, he slowly coming back to his senses.

Those bastards knocked me out…again!

Technically, he knocked himself unconscious the first time, but he was too frustrated with himself to worry about the minor technicalities. He could feel something warm and wet, slowly dribbling down his scalp. He tipped his head forward and immediately felt it run all the way down his forehead, to his nose and fall to the ground. A tiny, dark red fluid splattered next to his foot. 


They must have knocked him out with something hard, that would explain the numbness in his head. With the way the situation was going, Luigi didn’t have much hope that things would get any better. 

“Finally awake are we?”, a gruff voice from behind spoke to him. Luigi tried to turn around, but the ropes prevented him from doing so. 

“Don’t even bother, we made sure to tie you up nice and tight so you can’t run away again” 

Luigi could feel a big hand, gently rest on his shoulder, and then slowly tighten to the point where he could feel the pain. He struggled to get the man’s hand off bit with no success. 

“Don’t struggle…don’t you think you’re in enough trouble already as it is?” 

Luigi didn’t answer him

“Well…since this is the first time we’ve met, allow me to introduce myself…”

The man stood in front of Luigi, full beard, long trench coat covered in sand, arm muscles bulging. He had thick eyebrows, and a short stubble on his head.

“I am the leader of the Bandits, it’s a pleasure to meet you…”

“L-luigi”, he stuttered. He hadn’t spoken till now, his voice a little faint and rasp. The Bandit Leader chuckled, “I know how harsh the dessert can be…”

He clapped his hands, and immediately one of his men came to his side, “What do you need boss?”

He didn’t say anything, just reached for the water sack that was attached to the belt around his waist. He tapped him on his shoulder, “That’ll be all”

He opened the water sack and brought to close to Luigi’s mouth, “Open up”

But Luigi refused, turning his head to the side.

“Don’t worry…”, he said, taking a few sips, “Completely fine”

 Luigi hesitated at first, but then started to slowly open his mouth. At first, Luigi took small slow sips, but he was thirsty, and swallowed a lot more. He wanted to have a little more water, but he took the bottle back, closed it and placed It on the ground. 

“Now that that’s done, mind telling me what it is you’re doing all the way out here?”

“Well…”, he wasn’t sure what to say. Trying to think up a good excuse, a few seconds had passed and Luigi didn’t say anything. He was knocked out of his senses when the bandit leader, dropped his hand onto his shoulder, with force. It hurt, the pain gradually building up made him struggle against the ropes. 

“Now Luigi…I’ve been kind to you so far haven’t I?”


“Good…because I’d appreciate it if you cooperate with me, I don’t like being disrespected like that”

Luigi nodded.

This man wasn’t playing around. Obviously, he was a bandit, it’s in his nature to be threatening, Luigi thought. But thankfully, this man wasn’t as ruthless as he imagined. 

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