Chpt 16 : Back Home

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She had expected to arrive at night, but luckily the carriage ride took her far enough, as to where she was able to pay for a horse ride the rest of the way.

It was nearing the afternoon, and the sun was setting. Fortunately, Bowsette knew her way around. She reached back for her water bottle on her backpack and took a sip. The horse was getting thirsty too. She'd soon come along a little pond nearby that she knew of, she would take a break there.

After a while she finally arrived at her destination, luring the horse towards the water, and allowing it to take its time to hydrate. She dropped her back pack down so she could finally stretch a little. It wasn't a good idea to stay too long. There have always been a few greedy humans roaming about, looking for someone to hijack.

It was a small problem for her when "she" was king. But it didn't bother her too much, since no one would be stupid enough to challenge her.

Once the horse was done, she grabbed her backpack and hopped back on. It wouldn't be long now that she would be back home. More or less than half an hour away.

Not long now...

As she approached a hill, she noticed that a small portion of the sky lit up, bright crimson. And that the atmosphere was a lot more heated up. Before she could reach the top, she jumped off her horse. She grabbed her backpack and other essentials that she might have left on it. There was no use for the horse where she was going.

She slapped it's behind hard, forcing it to run in the other direction, away from where she was going. As soon as she couldn't see it anymore, she crossed over. Standing at the top, she got a good view of the place. It hadn't been that long since she was gone, but the place seemed to be a bit "Messed up".

Portions of the roof seemed to have been blow off, leaving a gaping hole. The castle's turrets had also been a bit battered up. The draw bridge itself had been brought down, but the iron gate had been shut closed.

Bowsette wasn't too happy about any of this.

I'm gone for a few days, and these fucking idiots go and mess up my castle! she thought. Oh, someone's going to pay for this shit

She walked to the bridge, crossing over it towards the gate. On her way, she peered down into the moat. The lava was scorching from this height.

She didn't get to close to the edge, falling off the that would be a shit way to die. Its what made her castle almost impenetrable. There wasn't a single army stupid enough to risk getting roasted alive, especially by lava of all things. There were no back entrances, and crossing over was damn hard, with the heat and the height.

So, what the hell could've gone wrong to this place while I was away?

Bowsette looked through the gaps in the gate, looking to see if anyone was nearby.


Fuck this, she thought

"Someone open these damn gates!!"

She screamed so loudly that the noise echoed throughout the whole castle. The was a loud crash somewhere nearby, like the sound of metal falling. The excruciating noise made her wince.

Out of nowhere a small little koopa soldier came running, carrying a spear in hand. "W-who goes there!"

Of all the people. Couldn't I be greeted with someone with a little more authority?

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