Chpt 5 : Change room Scandal

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Mario sat there, trying to brace himself. What she said had completely thrown him off.

"Are you deaf little man...?", Bowsette got closer to him, whispering into his ear, "I said...I want you right now"

There was no mistaking what she said. It's just that...he couldn't really muster up the courage to make a move, he was still in shock. But his d*ck was at full attention. Bowsette had toyed with him, even right now, her hand slowly caressed his inner thighs, working her hand right to his crotch. He tried to push her away, but it was just his weak attempt at trying to make it seem as if he didn't want this.

This wasn't right, but his desires seem to have gotten the better of him. Bowsette stopped what she was doing, and turned around, her back facing him. "Hey Mario...", it was the first she had ever called him by his name. Surprised, he turned to face her.

What he saw, no, what was about to happen made his heart beat so fast that it felt like it was about to pop out. This is only getting worse by the second he thought, he thought. Bowsette had slowly lowered her butt right on top of his d*ck.

She had played with him enough, but this was putting Mario on edge. She had slowly rubbed her ass against him. Her ass was so soft and warm.

A sight that any man would pay top dollar to see. She knew that she was winning, it was clearly evident how much she was enjoying this. A lap dance? No. There's not a single women Mario could ever imagine that could be this sexy.

She shook her hips, side-to-side. Rubbing her crotch right on his boner, that was straining right against his zipper. He so badly wanted to take it out. But he knew that he'd end yup crossing a line that she just might exploit. "Whats the matter? Not enjoying it?"

"'s just, please...not here", she ignored him. "I don't think so...not when we're just staring to have some fu- "

Before she could finish, she heard a voice on the other side of the door call out, probably one of the workers. "Is everything okay?", the sales clerk asked.

"Don't worry! we're good, but we might take a while", Mario was trying is best not to let out a single sound. Even if he did, it would only make him look bad, what they were doing on someone else's property? There would be a scandal!

But that wasn't his main concern now. He could feel it, all that built up lust was about to release. Bowsette felt it his throbbing c*ck. With a sinister smile she unzipped his pants. His c*ck had a little more room, but it strained against his underwear, his precum stained where his tip stuck out most.

Her crotch had his had only been an inch away from each other, if it weren't for their underwear, they'd have had physical contact. It felt even more real to Mario. Her moistness was seeping into his briefs. It was too much, he let out his seed, only droplets managed to seep through, otherwise, the rest had been released inside his underwear.

He only ever came like that whenever he had wet dreams. But this wasn't a dream, she was real, and the lust that was there was more than what he could ever conjure in his dreams.

He let his body slump onto the bench, against the wall. It didn't seem to bother him at the time, that his underwear had cum in it. Bowsette stood proud. She disposed of the underwear she wore, as well as the bra she was wearing. She stood naked before his eyes. If he weren't spent enough, he would've hoped to have gone another round. But he needed a breather, he was to out of it to make any rational sense. Although...the light in the room did wonders for her. Her body, ripe and glistening under the room light. His c*ck twitched, he was hoping that maybe...

"Now that was fun shorty, I hope you enjoyed yourself"

"I...I don't know what to say", and the truth is he didn't. Is this what the next few days is gonna be like?

"Good...but let's focus on buying me more stuff to wear!"

His eyes widened, "What!", she lifted the soiled panties she wore. She dropped it in his hand. All her sticky juices still stained. "I mean...its only right, since you so graciously took advantage of the situation and...", she looked down at his soiled underwear. He was very embarrassed in his current predicament. "!", she pulled out a small plastic bag, from one of the stores earlier.

"Take off your underwear and dump it in there, wanna walk home with cum stained undies", she smirked. A bit embarrassed, but he had no other choice.

What had he gotten himself into? Well, he'd later find out for himself.

After their little steamy session, they cleaned up whatever mess was left behind. As they made their way to the front desk, Bowsette noticed someone outside, and that someone also noticed her as well. Each exchanged a friendly smile. She looks familiar, but I can't remember where I've seen here before, Bowsette thought. That blue dress, golden blond hair, I would've mistaken her for peach if I didn't get a good look at her face.

Bowsette didn't give her too much attention afterwards, she was hungry, and it was just about time to eat.


Somewhere else in mushroom kingdom, Daisy and Princess Peach were taking a stroll through the park...

The two were busy reminiscing of the times they shared together. "You see Peach...wasn't this a good idea?"

Peach giggled, "Of course...spending time with you always seems to brighten my day", she pulled daisy closer, their arms intertwined. "You know Daisy...ever since I saw Mario with-", Daisy cut he off. "Come on Peach, not this again. Just leave him be"

"Its not that!", Peach raised her voice a little to loudly. "It's just that...I have a weird feeling about her"

"What are you talking about Peach?", peach wasn't sure of it herself, but her gutt feeling never failed her...well, sometimes. Daisy nudged her a little, "You sure you not jealous Princess?"

She scoffed, "Jealous of some tavern girl? You must be mistaken"

"Oh really? Cause yesterday you sure were out of it", she really didn't want to go back to remembering that little incident. Least of all how annoying it was, that she had let that women and Mario together creep under her skin.

"Don't remind me-"

"It seems the princess has found herself a love rival", a calm sweet voice from behind them. They turned around to face this stranger. It only took Peach and Daisy a second until they embraced her. Both girls were happy to see their old friend after such a long time. Peach added...

"it's good to see you...Rosalina"

To Be Continued...

Actually...the first of many that are gonna join in on the fun😊

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