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Shy Green X Koopa Queen by AJ7866
Shy Green X Koopa Queenby AJ7866
Bowser after turning into bowsette failed to get Mario has a boyfriend ends up kidnapping Luigi. And they unexpectedly get close. I made this because nobody does fanfic...
The Betrayed Hero  Mario AU Girls x Male reader by Shadowking2030
The Betrayed Hero Mario AU Nathan
Mario Luigi many in the lands know the two brothers who have saved the mushroom kingdom many times over but what if I tell you that there is a third hero one who has bee...
Mario x Bowsette (Super Crown Madness) by WanderersDillema
Mario x Bowsette (Super Crown WanderersDillema
The Super Crown isn't something that should be taken likely. its side effects are more than just a simple power up...
Bowsette: Mario: The New Odyssey (Undergoing Editing)  by XGRvBX
Bowsette: Mario: The New Odyssey ( XGRvBX
The Story is all about the events that happened after Mario's crazy adventure to save Princess Peach from The Great Koopa King himself, Bowser/Bowsette. But after he did...
Super Mario Bros The Two Queens And The New king Of Monsters by BlazeDX7
Super Mario Bros The Two Queens BraeonX2
The mario bothers consist of three siblings Mario the eldest one, Luigi second oldest one and Lucas the youngest one. The three brothers are always protecting the Mushro...
Hail the Dark Queen | Peach x Bowsette by Allister_Le_Shipper
Hail the Dark Queen | Peach x Pinky Promi💖
Bowsette captures Peach and gets rule over the castle. Peach has to find a way to escape, but what if her captor is nicer than she thought. This story contains head cann...
mario and luigi girl trouble  by AJ7866
mario and luigi girl trouble by AJ7866
Mario and Luigi has too many girls liking them. AKA Mario and Luigi both create a harem
 A Plumber And A Ghost Queen by AJ7866
A Plumber And A Ghost Queenby AJ7866
King boo finds a super crown and ends up falling in love with Luigi Art not mine.
Bowsette & The Super Crown Conquest! [Indefinite Hiatus] by Reroony12
Bowsette & The Super Crown Abner
There's an apocaliptic event happening all over the mushroom kingdom with this sudden appearance of the super crowns that turned all of the strongest mario boss enemies...
Super Mario Brothers, Kingdom Eye. by BlazeDX7
Super Mario Brothers, Kingdom BraeonX2
Legends speaks of three legendary eyes. Eyes so powerful that he who is born with them can cause great destruction and calamity. To end the world as we know it. Bringing...
The Glory of Bowsette (girlxgirl) by Thedude3445
The Glory of Bowsette (girlxgirl)by Thedude3445
Bowser, on his last legs and in a desperate act, decides to abandon everything he's ever cared about. But upon obtaining the Super Crown, he finds a new purpose in life...
Teenage Defiance | Mario Next Generation (Bowsette Included) by ShawnSpires
Teenage Defiance | Mario Next ShawnCoolFnia
This is a story set 20 years after the most recent Mario game installment, in this story we will mainly follow Leon- Mario's 18 year old son, and 19 year old Licia, Leon...
Luigi's adventure: the Forever Syndrome  by bubblesflowr
Luigi's adventure: the Forever -bubblesflowr-
forever evil bad dude luigi cool pow pow
 A bowsettes story by minicaralinda1
A bowsettes storyby Mini
Bowsette is queen of komangia and has a lot of work to do. especially since she has a daughter named rebecca who is 2 years old. She loves her daughter very much and wil...
peepee poopoo by im_here_for_memesOwO
peepee poopooby im_here_for_memesOwO
peepee and poopoo me me and you you shinsou x reader bowsette x joe mama pineapple x banana
bowsette-and more- x male reader ( My fiery koopa queen🔥 ) by HiemD2008
bowsette-and more- x male reader ( Hiemy D
After dying in a horrible car crash, Y/N L/N is transported to the mushroom kingdom and embarks on a brand new adventure.
Bowsette's Story (made of key points) by shadelore
Bowsette's Story (made of key Shadelore
Observing the "Bowsette" phenomenon, an idea struck me about her origin and how she could be an original character (and not Bowser "sailor mooned")...