Chpt 27 : Brother's Reunion

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"What time will you be back", Peach asked.

"Probably by the afternoon, I'll see how it goes", said Daisy.

"You just take care of yourself out there okay"

She chuckled, "I'm old enough to take care of myself Peach. You he a nice day yourself"

And then she was gone. Daisy made her way down the flight of stairs to her carriage. She was going to town to buy some books that she would take back with her to Sarasaland in three days. It was going be a busy day, so she thought she might as well grab a bite to eat later on.

As the castle gates opened, letting her through, she looked out the window. The sun shining ever so brightly this morning. The weather wasn't too hot either. Nice and cool, just the way she liked it. Looks like it's gonna be a good day, she thought.

The carriage jittered as it travelled along the cobblestoned roads. The day had just begun, and Daisy was going to make the most out of it.


"where are you going?", asked Mario

"Out. I'll be back later", said Bowsette. She grabbed some cash that was lying on the table and headed for the door.

"Seeya later", she said before leaving, closing the door behind her. When the door closed, Mario just stood there for a few seconds, contemplating what just happened. That's weird, he thought. She never mentioned anything about going to go run some errands. Then all of a sudden, she says she wants to go to town. But since she could take care of herself, he didn't think there was any reason for him to worry about it.

Well, guess it's just me this morning.

He walked over to the kitchen to make himself some cereal. He didn't have much to do today aside from a few work-related tasks that he needed to record for future inquiries. As he ate his cereal, he pondered on what he was going to do with the rest of his free time. And then it clicked. It's been a while but what the hell, he thought.

After he finished up his cereal, he placed the bowl in the sink. He went to his office. He walked over to this desk and pulled the drawer open, and pulled out a piece of paper and a pen. He wanted to write a letter to Peach, asking her to hang out sometime.

Although something had been bothering him lately, that he couldn't really explain. Either way, he still wanted to hang out with her.

After finishing up the last touches, making sure everything is spelled correctly, he sealed it up. He would need to go to the post office to have it delivered, or he could go directly to the castle and hand the letter over to one of the guards and let them take care of the rest. Yes, he could've just went and visited her for a bit, but he wasn't sure whether or not she was free. A close as the two of them were, it's still no place for a commoner to just go barging into the castle without a notice in advanced. So, he made up his mind to go there himself.

I could use the extra walk

Afterwards he went upstairs, had a shower and got dressed. On his way to the door, he grabbed his wallet and everything else he might need, along with the letter in his back pocket. He looked around one more time. He remembered that Bowsette didn't take a spare key with her, God forbid that she breaks the door down...again. He sighed, well...time to go.


Town started getting a lot busier, as time approached the lunch hour. Daisy was busy browsing through stacks of old books. She wanted to take a few back home with her. At least she'd have something to read along the way. But she couldn't find anything interesting. As she pulled out one book after another, she thought she found something worth reading, and added it to the dozen other books she'd be buying.

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