Chpt 38 : Imprisoned

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The cell wasn’t as bad as he thought it would be. He had a small window, barred up, that had a nice view of the kingdom. The smell was a bit unbearable at first, so he asked one of the guards to bring him a bucket of water and a cloth so he could clean it up. He still got a regular 3 meals per day, although it did taste bland. Three days of prison so far.  It’s not as bad as I imagined, Mario thought. But I prefer my old life compared to this one.

Three days ago…

Mario had been lying in bed, when he heard his front door burst open so loud, that the noise had woken him up. He ran downstairs and was immediately greeted by a few guards with their swords pointed at him. He raised his hands in defence, “I’m unnamed! J-just tell me what’s going on”

“Mario, by order of Princess Peach, we are tasked with bringing you in for aiding a wanted criminal”

“I did what!”, He couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He tried to explain to them that they must have been mistaken, but they refused to hear a word he was saying.

“You will answer for your crimes in court”

They handcuffed him and dragged him to the back of the carriage and threw him in. The whole ride to the castle, Mario had been thinking about his past actions. At first, all the adrenalines stopped him from thinking straight, but when he finally calmed down, the realisation of what was happening hit him.  But it was too late to regret now. Even though he ended things with Bowsette, in the end, he had to end up paying for her crimes.

When he finally reached the castle, he was taken inside and immediately thrown into a small inside the castle. They unlocked his handcuffs and informed him that he was due for a trial in the next three hours. When it was finally time for his trial, the guards had finally come back and took him to court. The trial was held in the throne room, with a jury, a judge, and sitting at the centre of it all, overseeing the whole trial, was Peach. Mario stood on a small podium in the middle of the room, eyes all focused on him. Everyone had taken their seats, and the judge commenced with the formal procedures.

“Mario, do you swear, by law, to speak the truth and nothing but the truth?”, asked the judge.

“I do”

“Very well, let us continue on with the trial”

The trial lasted for 30 minutes, with another 10 minutes for the jury to finally decided on his sentence. There wasn’t anyone to stand for Mario, and neither was there anyone who was willing to hear his side of the story. In the end, it was decided that Mario would spend 45 years in prison. For the Koopa that broke into the kingdoms treasury and stole many priceless artefacts, and for the soldiers that were injure during the operation to capture them, as well as for aiding the koopa and Bowsette in infiltrating the castle. Once his sentence had been passed, he was escorted outside where there as a carriage, that would transport him to prison, to spend the rest of his life until his sentence ends.

The present day….

He was standing by the window, looking out at the kingdom. He had spent the first few hours feeling depressed, and then angry, until he got tired of it all. He had hoped Peach or someone he knew would come to visit him, but so far, no one had come. He wasn’t even sure whether or not he was allowed to have any visitors, he would have to check up with one of the prison guards about that. He wondered where Luigi was, and what he was doing, He hoped that Luigi was still on his side.



Peach and Rosalina were talking outside. Daisy had gone into town, leaving the two of them alone. Peach hadn’t said a word after Mario’s trial. She wouldn’t even talk to anyone, aside from the judge and her servants. Now it was just the two of them alone, “Peach, do you need anything?”

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