Chpt 9 : Friday Plans

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She sighed to herself as she approached the castle. In the heat of the moment she ruined the cake she bought. Although it wasn't her intention, and she just couldn't help herself at the time. Things didn't go as well for Princess Peach as she expected.

After her encounter with Bowsette, Peach managed to get a carriage ride back home. She could've walked, but she was in no mood. That women. Peach wasn't all too happy to see her again, even more in her own instability.

She didn't want to talk about it with Daisy and Rosalina when she got back. Only thing she could do now was try and forget, if only it were that easy.

It was only a half an hour later till Peach was at the castle gates. The carriage brought her close enough to the front entrance. As she got off, she wished the rider safe travels. Approaching the castle's front entrance, the guard proceeded to greet her accordingly, "Good day Princess Peach, I hope your travels were pleasant"

She simply waved a hand and put on a fake smile. Her behaviour was a little strange, but the guard didn't question it. He pushed opened the door for her to pass through. As she walked in, the door closing behind her, she walked over to her bedroom.

Along the way she saw one of the caretakers and called her over," Please take this and give it to one of the workers, I really don't have an appetite for it anymore", the female caretaker bowed, "Of course Princess Peach". And with that the little busy body walked away.

When she got into her room, Princess Daisy had been lying on it in her PJ's reading a book. She looked up from her novel, "Hiya Peach, did you have fun?"

"More or less...I just need to have a relaxing bath", she walked over to the dresser to fetch a new change of clothes. She wouldn't be going anywhere else today, so she pulled out a new set of Pyjamas.

"By the way Peach...", Daisy added," Rosalina and I were thinking about throwing a little party this Friday"

It wasn't a very fun idea, and she wasn't in the mood to spend her free time with others, aside from the girls of course. "I'll think about it Daisy...after I have a little long soak in the tub"

"Okay...just try not to fall asleep in there", she giggled. What if She actually does Fall asleep in there, daisy thought.


After Peach left for the bathroom, Daisy walked to the kitchen to pick out something to eat. She noticed a slightly smashed little box on the kitchen counter. It was a little smashed, but she figured that whatever was inside must have been edible.

She opened it up, and inside it was a soft, creamy little Horsetail tart. It was a common but popular treat. Although the ingredients included a horsetail, the final result looked more like a brown tart with sweet orange filling.

She scooped up a little of the top, and licked the creamy filling. Tastes so good. She was tempted to take the whole box, but she didn't know if it belonged to anyone. Ohhhhhhhh man.

She slowly reached the for the box, till a voice from behind her called out, "If you're really that hungry, then maybe I could get one of the chefs to make you a treat"

She startled Daisy. It was only as she turned to face her did she realize it was Rosalina.

Thank God it was only her.

"Geez, can you not surprise me like that...and I was enjoying myself", Daisy said.

"Busy enjoying yourself with The Princess' Cake", Rosalina added.

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