Chpt 2 : Plan in Full Swing, Peach's Envy

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"So...what's the plan to win over Princess Peach?", Mario asked.

"Just Shut up and follow my lead", Bowsette commanded.

When the time is right I hope this little bastard doesn't loose his cool, Bowsette thought. The two of them had walked around the mushroom kingdom, looing for a nice place to get some attention...mostly the Princess' attention. "Why don't we settle down-a at a nearby bar, I'm tired of walking around"

"You Just shut your mouth before i-", she got cut off, her attention was caught elsewhere. A young blond woman, in a pink dress entering a fancy restaurant. That Bitch! Bowsette happily grinned to herself. She hadn't thought it'd be that simple to find her, but lady luck was smiling down on them today.

She elbowed Mario," Get your ass in gear! Looks like your ex-lover is here", Bowsette grabbed mario's hand and followed behind the princess. He was feeling a bit nervous, "Wait-a, I need a minute!"

"For what! I already broke it down plain and simple what we should do"

Mario was a bit hesitant, he hadn't really given any thought as to how exactly he was going to pull off acting like a couple....


A few hours ago...

"A C-couple!!?", Mario had been taken aback by the idea. This isn't exactly what he had intended.

"Obviously...even a little meatball like you should know what that means". The whole idea was to make Princess Peach jealous, realise how much of a dumbass she was for not accepting Mario, and come back begging for him, or so that's what Bowsette thought would work.

She explained to him clearly what he should and what not to," It's not that hard, three simple things"

"What are they?"

"Don't talk, look or even notice to her - EVER", he was dumbfounded. He felt a tinge of fear in his Gut, intentionally ignoring her was something he couldn't imagine himself doing. He loved her, and he didn't want to hurt her.

"But...I can't do- ", Bowsette cut him off. She was not at all pleased with his weakness.

"Listen here shit stain! you've given that bitch enough of your time, attention, and affection.'s time you worried about yourself. Show her that you've moved on and your life is better off without her"

What she said made sense, Mario thought. He had acted so weak. From the start when she broke it off, he wanted to offer anything he had to make their relationship a reality.

But it would've been too shameful. He looked up at Bowsette, "Alright, I'll go along with your plan"

"Perfect!", she smiled to herself, "First things first, lets go find that the princess..."


There she was, sitting at the main tables, where she could see everyone and everything. Accompanying her was Princess Daisy, who had travelled far from Sarasaland, just to visit her. Bowsette and Mario, hand-in-hand, had just walked in. This is where the plan begins.

Following what Bowsette said, he didn't dare look at Peach...or Daisy. He and Bowsette sat in a nice comfy corner, it had enough of a view to allow Peach to pry. Bowsette slowly sat down, sliding in next to Mario.

Casually, she lifted the Menu, pretending to read the food menu, "Now listen up...", She spoke to Mario, "I want you to put your hand on my lap"


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