Chpt 43 : Lost

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It was just after lunch; everyone in the castle had been busy with their daily duties.

Peach and Daisy had just finished their meals and had gone for a walk through the castle. Just before Peach could start her day, a maid had come in earlier to hand her some breakfast. She asked her to leave the food on a dresser while she goes and have a quick wash. The maid informed her that Rosalina would be gone for the day. When asked what for, the maid replied, "I'm not sure Princess, she didn't give me the exact details of where and what she was going to be doing"

Peach didn't think much of it at the time, and simply thanked the young girl for letting her know, and let her carry on with her work. Once she was gone, Peach slowly got out of bed, still a bit sleepy. She wondered where exactly Rosalina could've gone. Aside from that there were still a few affairs that needed to be attended to today.

Later on, during the day, she ran into Daisy. She asked her whether she knew where Rosalina went, but even she didn't have a clue as to her whereabouts.

"No idea, she didn't say anything last night. Is there something you need from her?", said Daisy

"No, it's nothing like that, I was just curious"

"Well, I'm sure wherever she is, she's alright. I'm sure she's just taking care of a few personal errands"

"Yes, I guess you're right"

The two of them carried on with their walk, all the while Daisy started to also wonder where she could've gone as well. She also wondered how Luigi was doing. No letters, or anything that could have given her a hint that he was okay. All she hoped was that he would come back safe, along with whatever might help Mario out of his situation.


Meanwhile, back at Mario's prison cell...

Rosalina folded her arms, trying to comprehend his words. She didn't believe it, but who was she to judge. After all, she didn't have much information to make any sound conclusions. Either way, there was nothing else she needed to hear from him.

"Mario, are you sure there's nothing else you want to tell me? There's no telling when I might be back to see you"

He didn't say anything, and just nodded his head.

"Well then, I think it's time that I see myself was nice seeing you Mario. Do take care of yourself"

She was on her way out, when all of a sudden, she heard him call out to her. She stopped and quickly turned around to face him, "What is it?"

Mario stood up from his bed, and walked to the edge of the room"I was...I was wondering if you could deliver a message for me"

"Of course, that won't be a problem"

"By any you have a pen and something to write on?"

"Not it a long message or- "

"Just forget it, I just...can you give Luigi a message for me"

"I can, but he's not here at the moment"

Mario looked at her with a little concern, "What do you mean?"

"I mean he's not here in the mushroom kingdom. I'm not sure, Daisy said that he would be away for a while"

"Well where did he go?"


"Where the hell am I?"

Following the directions, the old man gave him, Luigi ended up traveling through an old mine. The only thing that he had was his horse, all his belongings and a fire torch to light the way. So far so good, he hadn't come across any difficulties. It had been more or less an hour since he stepped foot inside, and he didn't know if he was any closer to the exit. On the plus side, he did end up seeing a few ores and minerals that looked really beautiful. He decided to snag a few loose ones and stuff them into his travel bag, but there was only so much he could carry before the bag got to heavy. But hopefully on his way back. He would be able to take a lot more back with him.

After a while of walking he came across a nice empty spot where he could relax for a while, just a few minutes for him and the horse to catch their breath. He grabbed the rope, and tied the horse to a nice, big rock nearby. Then he reached into his bag, and pulled out a small water sack and let the horse drink some. After that, he pulled out his own, separate from the other one he used for the horse, and drank some water, but he didn't want to stay too long. He noticed it when he first entered the mine, but it didn't bother him at first. Still, whatever the smell was, was probably going to be a problem further down the line if he kept breathing it in. Maybe it was some type of gas or just the humidity giving off that funky smell. Whatever it was, he figured that it wasn't going to be good idea for him to hang around here for too long.

He opened up the map and took another look at the path he was supposed to follow, but it took him awhile to make out what the map read, since the only light source around here was his torch. Unfortunately, the torch was slowly going out. Quickly he put the torch down, and ran to his travel bag and pulled out the box of matches he brought along in case something like this happened. It took him sometime to find it, all the while the flame dwindled. He managed to find it just in time, but accidently dropped it down.


He bent down to pick it up but it was already too late. Once the flame was out, he quickly picked up the box and pulled out a match. It took a couple swipes to ignite a flame but he managed to get it to light up. He walked over to the torch, and lit it. After a few seconds, the torch caught fire and the flames began to burn once more.

He was relieved, Ohhh thank goodness, that was close.

Once the flame got bright enough, he looked around for a sconce to hold the torch up. Luckily, he found one nearby, and laid the torch safely inside so it wouldn't fall. He stuffed the matches back into his pocket and walked back to the map. Unfortunately, without watching where he was going, he tripped on a rock and fell, face first, into the ground. Fortunate for him, he didn't crack his skull, but the blow was enough to knock him out.

The horse neighed, clip-clopped towards him, trying to move his body by pushing him with his hooves, but he laid there on the ground, no reaction. No matter how much the horse tried to budge him, he still didn't wake up. Just then, a slow breeze swept through the tunnels, the horse picked it's head up in the direction the wind was coming from. It tried to followed the breeze but it couldn't escape, the rope was tied firmly on that big rock. It neighed, trying to set itself free. The noise echoed throughout the tunnels, reverberating back and forth.

As the noises began to die down, there was something else making noise not to far off in the distance. A scuffling sound that grew closer and closer. This made the horse uneasy, and it started to neigh louder, jumping up and down erratically. Luigi was on the ground unfazed by the noise, unaware of what was coming, and completely helpless to do something.

"Well wot do we 'ave 'ere?"

From the shadows, a mysterious figure fully draped in a leather cloth emerged, along with another similarly dressed companion.

"Looks like a horse and...a traveller?", the other man said

"well whoever 'e is, it looks like it's 'is lucky day we strolled by"

"Well what should we do with him?"

"Hmmm...let's 'ave 'im back wiv us"

To be continued...

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