Chpt 8 : Chance Encounter - 2

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"It's nice to meet you...Princess"

Peach had been completely caught off guard. Her surprise had been a little too obvious, especially since she had gripped the small box she was carrying. Whatever she had bought, was probably ruined. But that wasn't her concern at the moment, because right thee in front of her, facing her down with that smug grin, was Bowsette.

"It's nice to finally meet you Princess Peach", Bowsette happily added.

"Likewise,", it was all Peach could manage to say, while still trying to keep her emotions in check. It wasn't anger or jealous, but intimidation that made her feel a bit uneasy. Up close and personal, Bowsette wasn't your typical women.

In fact, she didn't appear to be from around her at all. That toned body and that her slightly tanned skin tone would suggest that she lived somewhere a bit more tropical. Her slight tan added to her natural beauty and curvy figure. She was just slightly taller than Peach, even though she was wearing heels right now. Peach didn't want to have any sort of conversation with her, she waltzed to her left, but Bowsette had followed her move and blocked her.

Peach tried again to her right, avoiding eye contact with her. Then again, she blocked her way. "Excuse me...but I would like to pass", Peach said.

"Sure Princess...if you don't mind if I ask you one thing"

Peach hesitated for a second before she responded. She looked up at Bowsette, " may"

"What's your relationship with Mario?"

Peach froze when she heard the name Mario. Bowsette tried to keep her grin as subtle as possible, but it was just so amusing to watch Peach's reaction. "What do y-you mean?"

"You see Princess Peach...Mario and I have grown very fond of each other. As indecent as it is to talk of these things in public, I must say that he and I have had our fun times together."

Peach's face turned a bright shade of red. Mario had actually...with this woman, she thought. Though this wasn't true, to a certain extent. Bowsette knew that it would give Peach some ideas. The rest, she'll just let Peach's own curiosity conjure up the rest of the story. "What does this have to do with me!"

She raised her voice a little. Although it wasn't her intention, it just felt right, especially since, for some reason, this woman was taunting her. "Apologies Princess...I just wanted to let you know that Mario and I are very happy together"

"Very well, I'm glad", Peach tried to contain any negative expressions that threatened to surface. Just when she had almost forgotten about that whole ordeal some time ago, this woman had brought back those ugly memories. "I must be off now, if you may..."

Bowsette stepped aside and gave room for the Princess to walk past. Just as Peach was about to leave, "Till next time Princess Peach, I hope we meet again real soon", Bowsette added.

She didn't respond. All Peach wanted was to get out of there as soon as possible. Bowsette stood there for a while, smiling to herself, Seeing that snobby bitch like that...priceless.


After That little encounter, Bowsette headed to the butchery. She was just in too good of a mood. She wanted to buy as much meat as she could buy, but then she saw them bringing in a nice fresh kill, "That one! I'll Take it!"

After she made her purchase, she walked back to Mario's place. Just when she reached his house, she realized that she would have to put the meat down on the ground. Too much trouble. She took a stance, and with all her power, she kicked the door wide open. It was surprising to see that she still retained some of her strength. Maybe I should have been a little gentler, she thought.

Those were the events that transpired that lead up to the present...


Mario was in the kitchen, cooking up tonight's dinner using the meat that she bought. There was enough to last a while. Even though there was more than enough meat left over to cook for a few weeks, but he imagined that Bowsette would want him to cook up something with meat in it every night till she left.

Bowsette had gone upstairs to have a shower. Today's weather had been a bit humid, still enough to cause you to sweat a bit. After Bowsette had gone upstairs an hour ago, after breaking down the door, Mario used that time to put the door back on its hinges. Being a plumber wasn't anything special, but over the years he had gained a lot of knowledge, which allowed him to take care of situations like this without the slightest difficulty.

Plus, the added bonus of being by himself meant that he had to learn how to prepare his own food. Although his cooking was no where near as good as the chefs in Peach's castle, it was still above average for an ordinary person, much less a plumber.

He cut the meat into cubes, and let it simmer in the pot, while adding some hot spices and an extra bit of salt, black pepper and ginger. Beforehand, he added a little olive oil. Once most of the ingredients were added, it all began to simmer. Tonight's meal, a simple elk stew. While Dinner was getting ready downstairs, Bowsette was busy getting dressed for bedtime.

Although it was still early, she decided that it was okay. Besides, she wasn't planning on going anywhere tonight or the next morning. Although...she did feel kind of homesick. Even if she was getting the four-star treatment, or maybe three-star, she still missed her home.

All this time fucking around, I almost forgot. She walked over to the bedroom mirror that was attached to the dresser. She looked at herself from head to toe, contemplating her appearance, I guess it wouldn't be right to refer to myself as The Great Demon King Koopa, she thought. Perhaps...Queen will do.

She reminisced of the past of all the times she and Mario had fought, when she was still...

Mario had repeatedly got in his way, rescued peach over and over. The utter failure that she had to endure countless times...

Doesn't matter what form I take; the past can never be forgotten.

She had the widest grin on her face, unlike before, or whenever she was teasing Mario, this time she looked menacing.

I failed to defeat Mario, I let the Princess Escape from me countless times. If I couldn't have her.... then perhaps I'll just ruin her life.

And as for him, well...I have my plans on how to toy with him a little.

"Bowsette, dinner is-a ready"

"Yeah yeah I'm coming!"

When you least expect it...

To be continued...

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