Chapter 39: Journey

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It was a long day, but Daisy finally returned to the castle. Instead of going to check up on Peach, she headed straight for her room to relax. Once she got there, she laid back on the bed, trying to relax. A half hour later she heard a knock on the door, “Who is it?”

“It’s me…can I come in?”, said Rosalina.

“Come in”

She entered, and closed the door behind her. She walked up to Daisy and sat next to her. “Did you have any fun today?”, Rosalina asked. Daisy forced herself to laugh, she was exhausted and didn’t really feel like doing anything.

“Well, it was interesting to say the least”

“By the way, how’s Luigi doing?”

“He’s…managing, he’s fine. Just that…the whole situation with Mario has really gotten him feeling down”

“I see…Well, on the bright side, he’s a grown man, so I’m sure he’ll get through it”

Daisy thought back to her conversation with Luigi earlier. She didn’t want to tell Rosalina what he had planned. It’s not like Rosalina would go and tell the princess behind her back, but she didn’t want to cause Luigi any trouble. In the end, she decided to trust Luigi and his crazy plan. Either way, there’s was nothing she could do to stop him, since he’s already made up his mind and should be back home by now, preparing to depart tomorrow.

“By the way, how’s Peach doing?”

She Shrugged, “She hasn’t really spoken that much”

“I guess there’s nothing we can actually do right now to comfort her”

“For now, let’s just watch over her. We’ll be there for her when she’s ready to talk”

“I guess so…”

Daisy got up from her bed, and walked over to her wardrobe, “I’m sorry Rosalina, but I feel like having a bath right now”

“Say no more, I’ll see myself out”, she headed for the door, “Be sure to drop by after you’re done, you must be famished”

“Definitely! I’ll see you later”

Once she was gone, Daisy walked to the window of the veranda and stared out onto the kingdom. She took the time to forget about the days events and just relax, but she couldn’t help but worry about him. She wasn’t going to make it to see Luigi off tomorrow morning, but she wished him safe travels and all the best on his journey. She closed her eyes, clasped her hands together and prayed, I just hope you don’t get yourself killed Luigi


Luigi had been on his way home from the stables. He had booked a horse for the journey ahead, and made a few stops beforehand to gather the necessities that he’ll be needing. He’s not sure how long he’ll be gone. Regardless, he didn’t want to risk dying of starvation, dehydration, the climate, or a really bad flu, so he had to prepare, even for the worst-case scenario. He also bought himself a map in case he got lost.

Once he was done, he headed back home, but along the way he decided to go check out Mario’s house to make sure that everything was still in one piece. About half an hour, he finally made it. He entered the yard, and walked up to the front door. He turned the door knob and pushed the door open. Luckily it hadn’t been locked, but it still wasn’t safe to leave the house open like this. He stepped inside and started roaming around the house. He roamed around the kitchen, lounge and every other room in downstairs. He then went and searched the rooms upstairs.  He walked into Mario’s room and noticed that the bed was undone. He figured that this is how he must have left it when the guards came and took him to the castle that day.

Apart from his room, it seemed like everything else was in place, including his wardrobe. He also noticed a bunch of woman’s clothing inside. No doubt they belong to Bowsette, Luigi thought. He frowned, just thinking about her got him upset. He closed the wardrobe and headed downstairs. He was halfway down the hall to the door when he passed the lounge, He noticed a pair of keys on the coffee table and walked over to pick it up. Must be the keys to the house.  He took the keys with him on his way out. Thankfully, the keys were able to lock the door. After that, he went on his way home.

Once he got back, he immediately went up to his room and started packing whatever he might need. He spent a good 2 hours sorting out his luggage, afterwards, he went into the kitchen and set the water to boil. Since it was already a bit late, he decided he’d have a cup of tea and some cakes he kept away in his pantry. Cooking just wasn’t an option.  

Before he could sit down, he remembered his diary. Immediately, he got up and walked to his room and fetched his diary. He grabbed a pen from his desk and walked back down to the kitchen to update what ‘s happened since the last time he wrote in it.  While he was writing, he thought about whether or not he should take it with him. Then again, if this was going to be a journey that he wasn’t going to come back from, then he might as well leave it here and hope that she finds it. After a few minutes, the steam began to pour out from the kettle. He turned the stove off and prepared his late-night snack.

He re-read what he had written while sipping his tea, and then closed the book. He wondered how Mario was doing right now, and whether he was okay. He was imprisoned, so there’s no doubt that he’s not enjoying himself, but at least he’s as safe as can be in prison, Luigi thought. He wanted to go visit him, but felt that it would be better if he went and saw him after he gotten back to the kingdom.

He finished up his tea and left it in the sink. He’d take care of it tomorrow before he leaves, Luigi was just too tired to do anything else.  


Meanwhile back at the castle…

Daisy and Rosalina had just finished eating their supper. Peach hadn’t joined them. Daisy looked over at Rosalina, “Shouldn’t we…go make sure she’s- “

“Peach wants to be alone. I tried talking to her earlier today, but she seemed out of it”

“oh…well, what do you think we should do?”

“For now, we wait”

“I know but…”, she paused, hesitating what to say next. Rosalina noticed, “It’s okay, you can tell me what’s on your mind Daisy”

“It’s just that…I don’t think Mario should be locked up.  I mean, after all these years, I just can’t see him suddenly turning evil”

“Best not to bring up the subject with Peach just yet. At least not until you have some proof”

“I understand…”. Hopefully, Luigi manages to bring back something, she thought. If there’s anyone that can actually bring back order, it’s Luigi.

“Say, do you ever wonder why Bowsette did it?”

“From time to time”


“I…I’m not sure what to make of her, except that she’s kind of strange”

“Strange in what way?”

“I’m afraid you’re going to have to give me some time to think about it, I’m not sure how to explain it just yet”

“Well who do you think she really is?”

“Good question…”


The Next day…

Luigi had gotten up very early and got himself ready. It was just before dawn, and Luigi was on his way to the stables. When he got there, his horse was ready to go. He loaded up all his belongings and set straight for the castle gates. The weather was cold, no doubt the rest of the journey would be just as troublesome. But he wouldn’t let any of it stop him. He had to find a way to prove his brother’s innocence.

Wait for me Brother…I’ll come back with a solution to all this

To be continued…

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