Chpt 40 : By the Fire

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She woke up to the sounds of wind blowing against her window, the trees rustling furiously outside. She tried to not let the noise he to her for as long as she could, but it was just too much. Reluctantly, she got up from her bed, stretched her arms and walked over to her bathroom. She let the water fill up in the tub, while she spent the time wondering what she was going to do today. She hadn't eaten anything last night, waking up with a very empty stomach. She hopped into the tub and let her body sink into the water. But Before he could relax, she heard a knock on the door, and a voice call out to her, "Peach, are you okay in there?", Daisy dropped by to check up on her.

"I'm fine Daisy, just having a wash"

"Okay well...when you're done, we have breakfast ready. Come see us once you're done"

"Thank you Daisy"

Once Daisy was gone, Peach leaned back into the tub and closed her eyes. She hadn't been in a mood to talk to anyone lately, and she didn't intend to be rude to anyone. Daisy, Rosalina and the servants had made it a habit of checking up on her ever since the trial, but all she just wanted was to be alone for some time, but being royalty demanded her presence as often as possible. She wished she could spend the whole day in her room, but she had duties to attend to, not to mention that she was famished.

She slowly got out of the tub and dried herself off. She walked back to her bedroom and picked out her usual formal attire. Once she was dressed, she left her room, and headed straight for the dining room. When she got there, Daisy and Rosalina were already seated, with breakfast already lined up on the table.

"Moring ladies...", she said as she walked to the centre chair and took her seat, "Hope you're all doing okay this morning"

"We're doing fine Peach. Just Happy to see you in brighter spirits", said Rosalina

"Yes well...I do have work to attend to"

Both girls looked at each other and smiled. They were worried about Peach for some time but now it seemed that she was doing better.

"Say Peach...", said Daisy," I know it's early but, What do you plan to do about Bowsette and the Koopa"

"I'm planning on meeting with the royal guards to discuss the matter. We can't just throw this under the rug"

"I see..."

"Also, Daisy...have you seen Luigi recently"

"Yeah", she felt a bit nervous.

" is he doing?"

"He's...handling it"

"And by that you mean....?"

"He's dealing with it as best as he can, the whole drama with the trail I mean. But I'm confident that he'll pull through, given the time"

"I was thinking of inviting him over for dinn-"

"You can't! I-I mean...he's not here"

"You mean he's left the kingdom"

"Yes...", she crossed her legs to stop them from fidgeting, "He'll be back in about a week or so"

"I guess he also needs some alone time to process things"

She laughed nervously, "Yeeeaaah..."

If only she knew, Daisy thought.


Mario had been lying in his cell, asleep. Even though the beds were uncomfortable, after some time, he got used to sleeping on them. Not like he had much of a choice in the matter anyway. He was having a good sleep, when he heard a loud bang. The noise made him jump out of his bed.

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