Chpt 6 : Ambiguous

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The walk home had been so embarrassing...

Not only had Bowsette made him carry most of the shopping bags, by the also had no underwear onn underneath. The cold breeze was really making him feel more uncomfortable down there. Bowsette had bought a nice black hoodie from one of the stores, so the cold winds didn't really affect her that much, even though she had onn a tank top and denim shorts on, without any underwear onn underneath. "Look at you trembling over there!"

"But...its getting late, and the weather is changing really fast". He wasn't exaggerating, It was late in the afternoon, and rain clouds filled the sky. The winds moved fast, no doubt that it was gonna rain any minute from now. "Let's go home fast, otherwise all your clothes will be soaked"

Bowsette's eye's widened, "Son of a...why not say so earlier dipshit!", he honestly thought it was common sense for anyone to assume that since the weather look so grim. She grabbed half the load of what he had carried, "get your ass moving! Or I'm gonna leave you behind!"

And with that, they sprinted off. They managed to make it back in time before the first droplets of rain descended. Then it Poured. The two made it inside dry, "Holy fuck...that was a close one"

Mario had been trying to catch his breath. For someone who looks like she weighs a bit, she moves really fast, he thought. She fell back onto the sofa, "Man...after that run I'm kind of hungry"

He hoped that he wouldn't have to cook for her, he was a bit exhausted at the moment to do anything. Of her own accord, Bowsette got up off of the sofa, "I'm gonna help myself to whatever is left over, I don't have the patience to wait for you"

Thank Goodness! He was very tired all of a sudden, but he also worked up a bit of perspiration from that run. He didn't want to have to go to sleep stinking. He got up from the sofa, and headed upstairs to use the shower.

Bowsette noticed, but she didn't seem to mind, it was his house after all. She just didn't want anyone getting in her way. She walked to the fridge, and pulled out a pot of last nights spaghetti. She left it on the stove to heat up. It would take a while, but she didn't mind.

She pulled out a chair and sat near the kitchen table. Why couldn't I have brought something to keep me occupied, she thought. Luckily, he had a his own little tv set up in the lounge. She sat down and flipped the tv switch, while fiddling with the buttons looking for a nice channel.

As she was flipping through channels she heard the shower turn on upstairs, he better not take too long, cause I need to sleep.


Mario felt that he could fall asleep at any minute. A hot shower might offer some relaxation, but it also made him sleepier. He washed himself off as fast as he could, and stepped out of the shower. After drying himself off, he walked over to his wardrobe and pulled out some pyjamas to wear.

After he finished changed, he sat down on his bed. It feels good to be back here, he thought. He lied down on the bed, snuggling up against the pillow. In a matter of seconds, he was out like a light. He didn't care if Bowsette punched him in the face, or knocked his head. All he wanted to do was sleep in his bed, in his house.


Back at Peach's castle, Daisy, Rosalina and Peach had gathered together in the dining room for a cup of tea and gossip. Daisy had laughed a little too much, anymore and she could have choked on her biscuits. Peach was not happy, "come to think of it, I never imagined that princess peach would become green with envy", Rosalina said.

"It's not funny and... I don't care!"

Daisy calmed down from her laughter, just enough to talk some sense, "So Rosalina...what brings you here?", daisy added. Rosalina's face turned serious. Both Daisy and Peach glanced at each other, and then straightened up. "something strange has happened, I sensed a strange shift in the stars"

Both girls raised an eyebrow, "what are you talking about Rosalina?"

"At the Cosmic Observatory...we detected a slight anomaly, although insignificant, I thought it best to come analyse the situation personally"

"Are we in danger or something?", Daisy added

"It's nothing to worry about, you shouldn't work yourselves up over it. Also...", Rosalina got up and walked over to the two girls, throwing her arms around them, "It's been such a long time that I've seen you two, I thought it would be fun if we hung out a little"

"Awww Rosalina", Peach added. All three embraced each other in a friendly bearhug. Even though it was cold, and the rain poured heavy outside. The three of them weren't to bothered by it. They could comfort themselves with anything. And besides, they weren't just Princess Peach's guests, they were her sisters.

They Ran off into another room that was a lot warmer and comfier. Meanwhile....


Bowsette had finished eat her supper. She didn't clean the dishes though, figured that she'd let Mario handle it. Besides, there's only my plate in the sink, she thought to herself. He cleaned up everything the night before, so this should be a sync.

She hadn't heard from him for a while now, and it would've been way to long by now for him to have a shower. Maybe he slipped and knocked himself out, but that wasn't possible since she hadn't heard any noise, plus the shower was off.

She walked upstairs into his room. The little man had been fast asleep, it's a wonder how she couldn't hear his snoring from downstairs. At first, she was pissed, then she calmed down. She didn't really know what to do, and she didn't really care that he was sleeping in her- his bed. She definitely didn't want to sleep on the damn couch tonight.

Screw it, she thought.

She walked over to the other side of the bed, and got under the blankets. She threw the top blanket over Mario. Looking for blankets is just too much trouble, and I don't really care where he sleeps as long as he doesn't disturb me.

The rain came down heavy that night. Bowsette's second day at Mario's place hadn't been all that bad, but she started to wonder about her own situation, am I really stuck like this? Whatever happened to her when she put that crown on, she wouldn't find any answers now.

Even though her nemesis...if she could call him that now, was a few feet from her, she didn't really care. She closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep. Whatever happens ...happens, was her last thought

To be Continued...

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