Chpt 19 : Reunion

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It was a quiet afternoon. After a day of scavenging, it was time to head back to camp. Two bandit men were on their way back to camp, carrying a few small bags of jewellery and gold coins. So far, today had seemed like a lucky day for them.

"I'm damn near starving! How far are we anyways?"

"Relax...we're almost there. See the smoke...?", the one bandit pointed to the rising smoke up in the sky.

"We're almost will you shut the fuck up"

"Easy for you to say, while I was taking a dump, you went ahead and ate some of the leftovers we nabbed from that old coot"

Awhile ago the two bandit men had stumbled upon an old farmer and his daughter. It didn't take them much effort to beat up the old man, and steal whatever they could carry. The food wasn't important though, but they took their fair share for the road ahead. What they really wanted were items to sell and money to spend.

" were taking so long that I couldn't help myself. Not my fault you were busy taking a huge dump"

"You know what, how about you go fuck yourself- "


Both stopped in their tracks.

"w-what is it?"


The strong wind had made it a bit difficult to trace whatever it was. It was faint, but from what they could deduce, it sounded like screams.

Could it be from the camp? one of the men thought. They weren't certain, but they knew they had to get back as quickly as possible.

"let's move!"

As they approached the top of the hill, the screams got louder. The smoke that they saw before, had grown thicker, ash filled atmosphere.

What the hell is happening!?

Finally, they reached the top, only to see their entire camp set ablaze. The tents had been burned to ashes, while the few men they were able to see, were lying on the ground were motionless. They noticed out from the corner of their eyes, off in the distance, the remaining men that were still alive, were fighting a few Koopa soldiers.

Oh fuck...they found us!

"There's more!", the Koopa soldier screamed.

The two bandits stood frozen, hoping that it wasn't them that had been spotted. It wasn't until they saw two koopa soldiers running in their direction, that they finally turned tail and run. Right when they began to flee, they heard another voice, "Bring them back Alive!"

It didn't sound like a Koopa. Whoever or whatever it was didn't matter, they weren't planning on sticking around long enough to find out what was going to happen to them, should they be caught.

Meanwhile back at the camp, Bowsette and a few of the soldiers stayed behind to search for anymore bandits that could have been hiding. Once she was satisfied, she left the soldiers to do the body count. She walked over to where the rescued Koopa were sitting. At the centre, the scared little Koopa huddled himself together for warmth. Bowsette knelt down in front of him.

He looked up at her curiously. Whoever she was, she had saved him and the others. But she was also the one leading them in his father's absence. He wasn't sure what to make of her at first. When she and the others stormed the camp, she practically wrecked them. She wasn't human, that was certain. No ordinary human was brave enough to storm this camp, considering the numbers.

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