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Mario works at the Scarlet Devil Mansion by marioreimu
Mario works at the Scarlet Devil Mario Mario
As the title suggests, Mario starts working in the fabled Scarlet Devil Mansion, and it was quite the experience for our plumber. Note: Art cover isn't mine, it's made b...
Press Start to Play|Yandere!Mario Madness x Male!Child!Reader by Dracunyan1987
Press Start to Play|Yandere! Neo Flippy/Fliqpy
Y/n L/n is a big fan of Super Mario and has a huge collection of Super Mario merchandise and games from Super Mario Bros. to Super Mario Odyssey. However, when he gets a...
Fem RWBY characters x Mario reader by Supdude10153
Fem RWBY characters x Mario readerby Metagross123456
So this Idea has been bugging me all week!!!! So being the Paranoid Fellow I. Am I think if I don't write this down I will forget so hope you enjoy!
Super Mario Bitty Bros. (Bitty Mario X Female Reader) by LevelUpEevee
Super Mario Bitty Bros. (Bitty LevelUp Eevee
You were walking through the neighborhood when you heard a small sound. You investigate to discover an adorable Mario Bitty! Now you must reunite Mario with his family...
Male ignored antitrix reader x bowsette by Infero55
Male ignored antitrix reader x Jacob scrap
Mario and luigi have been in many adventures and had saved the mushroom kingdom countless of times from bowsette, but what if I told you that there was a third hero to M...
The Other Princess [Bowser x Female! Princess! reader] by TheRealVivianne
The Other Princess [Bowser x Vivianne
You are the best friend of Princess Peach and while visiting her one day, the ghastly giant beast known as Bowser kidnaps you, accidentally mistaking you for your friend...
When Worlds Collide (A Super Mario/Equestria Girls Crossover) by krisalyn598
When Worlds Collide (A Super Krisalyn
The Equestria Girls' geodes go out of order, teleporting them to the Mushroom Kingdom, where they meet Mario and company. However, it's a short introduction when Bowser...
A Foul Ball by JavaJolt17
A Foul Ballby JavaJolt17
(A Super Mario Bros. COMIC!) Between Mario and Pauline, it has been a LONG time since they've seen each other. But when Pauline throws a huge fancy ball in Sarasaland, M...
Bullet L by scopica
Bullet Lby scopica
Gensokyo is in danger!... is what Luigi first thought when being transported. A new plot of vacuum-powered awesomeness sweeps Gensokyo by storm, and Luigi's main priorit...
Three Months by JimmySMASH4daWIN
Three Monthsby Jimmy SMASH
"You can build me up, you can tear me down You can try but I'm unbreakable You can do your best, but I'll stand the test You'll find that I'm unshakeable When the f...
The Nintega Guy's YouTube Videos by TheNintegaGuy
The Nintega Guy's YouTube Videosby The Nintega Guy
The Nintega Guy: You guys want to be entertained with more than just videos? The Nintega All-Stars: CHECK OUT NINTEGA'S YOUTUBE CHANNEL The Nintega Guy: Keep in mind tha...
Castle Bleck Craziness by NintendoJedi
Castle Bleck Crazinessby NintendoJedi
If you've ever wanted to see what REALLY happens at Castle Bleck on an average day, you're going to love this. A collection of short stories about Count Bleck and our fa...
The Koopalings...In School?! by Stella_Koopa
The Koopalings...In School?!by ⭐Stella⭐
How will the Koopalings start the new year without any experience on....School? Will it go great? Perhaps not, or maybe it will? Will they get past the drama? It'll be t...
When Dimensions Collide by Diamondheart37
When Dimensions Collideby Diamond Heart
When a power source of a machine called the Dimension Machine, which keeps all dimensions separate, is stolen, every world in the multiverse starts to slowly merge into...
You + Me (Luigi x reader) by dragon_kiddo
You + Me (Luigi x reader)by I don't write anymore!
You meet the green stallion face to face. How will you react?
Reader × Koopalings by Stella_Koopa
Reader × Koopalingsby ⭐Stella⭐
Yes, it's one of those books where the reader interacts with the book! Read along if interested. It'll be mostly × the boy Koopalings unless anybody suggests Wendy... (I...
Mario the Music Box Ask or Dare by Leah_Mario
Mario the Music Box Ask or Dareby Leah
Basically, you ask or dare the crews 😁
Year of Waluigi by JaqMustang
Year of Waluigiby JaqMustang
It's his year. The misadventures of Waluigi and company from the Mushroom Kingdom and beyond. Join Waluigi as he tries to find his own game that has nothing to do with t...
What If Bowser Died? by kimcgray95
What If Bowser Died?by Kimiko
•• COMPLETE •• How seriously do you think Bowser's death would affect Mario and the rest of the denizens of the video game world?
Human Koopalings x Female Reader: A Crappy Fanfic by me by FightingGunder
Human Koopalings x Female big heckin unit
(Update!) A/N: For personal reasons, as well as the fact that I'm kind of embarrassed about it, I would just rather not be associated with this story anymore but I don't...