Chpt 1 : The Super Crown

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"I cannot-a believe it!"

It was all he could manage to say at that point, dumb-founded at what lie before his eyes. Bowser...or somethings that resembled him, but

The creature in front of him was no doubt something if complete fantasy, an all this points to the Super Crown. But why does he bear a resemblance to princess peach.

Its-a not possible, Mario thought. The female Figure in front of him began to approach him, every step made his heart beat a few ticks faster, anymore and it felt like his heart might just pop out of his chest.

Right then, there standing before him, was her. Not sure what to say, the words felt clogged up in his throat. She looked down at him,

"What are you looking at little man...never seen a real woman before?", her voice was less feminine then that of most girls, it had a certain roughness to it, but sexy.

He gulped," Its-a just...who are you?", she smirked. "Dontcha recognize me...and I thought our history together meant something", she teased him.

There was not a shred of doubt in his mind who she was, but he couldn't believe for the life of him, that this beautiful creature in front of him was his rival...bowser.

"it's just you look-a little different", he said.

"I know right, just check out these babies", she crossed her arms and began to squeeze her breasts, accentuating their size and softness.

Mario could feel his entire body heat up, followed by a slight itch in his nether regions.

He turned away, trying to regain his composure. She Hollered, "Come on, I was only teasing ya"

He crouched down, clasping his hands to his head. How did things end up this way, he thought to himself. Just a few hours ago he had his heart broken...


"I'm sorry Mario, but I'm just not interested in you", princess peach said

His heart shattered into a million pieces, the colour in his face completely drained, all that's left was pure emptiness. "Are you okay Mario", she asked.

"I'll be fine", was all he could muster the strength to say. "Are you sure?"

He waved a dismissive hand, and with all his will, he smiled and said, "Don't'-a worry, I'm all right"

He slowly walked away, out the door. He had no place in mind he wanted to go to. At the moment, all he wanted was to be left alone, to contemplate what just happened. And somehow, find the strength to move on.

Caught in a misery of his own making, so distracted from the outside world, he didn't see it coming.

A huge radiant white light filled the area, a loud roar so loud it sounded almost inhuman. Cluelessly, he walked towards to sound.

Clumsily, until he missed a step and ended up falling down a hill. It was a bumpy experience but he got out okay.

Then slowly, the light began to retreat, and in the distance, he could make out the silhouette of someone standing a bit further away. That must be where the light came from, he thought.

As he got closer, he could tell from its figure that it was a woman, but this one was different. He noticed she had a spikey shell on her back.

Though her hair was similar to princess peach, it couldn't have been her, he last saw her at her castle. So, who is she, he thought.

The last traces of light faded away. Standing before him now, who couldn't comprehend what was happnening.

"I cannot-a believe it!"


And now we're back to the present.

Bowser or whoever she was , knocked his head with her fist, "Are you just gonna sit there and cry you bastard?"

That hurt, and knocked him back to his senses. Recovering from the blow to his skull, he looked up at her, "I'm's just that-a you look a little like Princess Peach" She seemed annoyed at that.

"Don't go comparing me to that bitch", her vehemence was a little scary.

"Sorry...It doesn't matter now"

"What's the matter, princess perfect dump you?", she said in a mocking tone.

Mario remembered that bad moment again. His sadness returning. She immediately read the situation and realised that she had said something she shouldn't have.

"Look I was only kidding, can't you take a joke", he didn't seem to respond to her comment. He must really be hurt over whatever the hell happened with Princess Peach, she thought.

Slowly, she leaned her hand on his head, "Listen up shorty...there's no point in laying around moping when there are other women out there"

"What are you talking about", he said. "I mean you should move on from that skank, she's not worth your time"

He didn't seem to happy at that option, "But I've always loved her"

"And she doesn't love you the same way dumbass", all his whining was pissing her off. This isn't my problem anyway, why should I car-, was all she thought before an idea popped into her head.

She smiled, flashing her sharp teeth. She didn't know was going on, and her new body felt really good, so why not see what fun she could get up to.

She knelt beside Mario, his direction focused on the ground. "Listen here...maybe...I could help you out"

He raised his head to look at her, "what are you talking about?"

"I'm saying I can help you win over that bitc-...I mean...princess peach"

"How?", it seemed like a lost cause to him. She had already denied him, anymore rejection would be too much to bear. "Just leave the planning to me", she stood up.

"So, you in or not?", she stretched out a hand. There wasn't anything to gain from this, and he was to depressed to care.

All he knew was that he still had feelings for Princess Peach. But this women in front of him, it was still bowser...maybe.

She might be different, Mario thought. He lifted his hand to shake hers. And with that, their pact was formed.

She laughed a little before letting go, "One more thing shorty, from now on you won't call me by my old name"

"Then what should I call you?", he asked quizzically. She grinned, the perfect name right at the trip of her tongue.

With her hands to her sides and her chest puffed out with confidence. As she spoke, he listened. He would never forget that day, the beginning of their new companionship...

"From now me Bowsette"

To Be Continued...

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