Chpt 46 : A Job

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How some people could enjoy solitude, was completely beyond him. He never once considered himself to be an outspoken person, but no more than ever, Mario was really in need of some social interaction.

"it hasn't been a month yet, and already I'm-a bored", said Mario, lying in his bed, trying to get a bit more sleep.

He had just woken up, just before dawn. Since going back to sleep was difficult, he figured that he might entertain himself with his own imagination. But that definitely wasn't enough to satisfy hm, not even in the slightest. It was cold and quiet and all he wanted to do was move around, have a little freedom. Life in such a small, miserable little cell was dreadful to the point that just about anything, even if it was a short time, would bring him some enjoyment. But given the circumstances, he was probably asking for too much.

Sure, at least he wasn't tied up in chains, but living in such a closed space, having little to no exposure to the outside world has made him a feel a bit isolated. Any longer, and he feared that he might go insane. At first, he thought it would've been bearable, but now he was having second thoughts.

I mean it could be worse, he thought.


Just a little but more sleep, even if the ground was a little uncomfortable, it was just enough, comfortable enough where he could lie down and just doze off. He wasn't sure what time he had fallen asleep, but he was damn certain, that at the time, he was still tied a pole. Someone must've untied him and dragged him back to the tent they first left him.

He had hoped that it was still dark outside, although it was hard to tell since someone went through the trouble of blindfolding him. He already tried escaping once, and failed. He wasn't going to take another shot, especially knowing that what was waiting for him was a slow, painful death by who knows what method. Not the way he wants to go out.

He wanted to get up and move but they tied him up really well this time. He wanted to call out for help but held back. Even if they haven't deliberately hurt him, they weren't exactly his friends, and he didn't have much of a reason to trust them, not even with his life.

"Finally, awake are we", said an unfamiliar voice.

Luigi tried to turn in the direction the voice was coming from.

"Don't bother, I'm going to undo the knots and take off the blindfold in a second, bosses orders"

Luigi was relieved, he had had just about enough of squirming around on the ground, "Thank you"

The man chuckled, "You won't be thanking me once you see where I'm going to be taking you"

Luigi froze, the air trapped in his throat, when he spoke, his words came out dry, "What are you talking about?"

"Don't worry, you'll see for yourself" he said, untying the ropes around Luigi's wrists, "We treat all our new guests with long as they don't cross the line"

Luigi said nothing

"Ohh everyone knows about your little stunt last night..."

Luigi cursed his bad luck.

"You can be sure that the next time you try something like that again, you're not going to leave the way you came...understand what I mean?"

I'm-a really screwed, he thought.

After unbinding him, Luigi was given a new set of clothes that would suit the harsh weather. He didn't like them, but he would need whatever he got to help him manage out there. It took him a while to get undressed and put on his new clothes, especially when he was being watched.

Once he was done, he was taken outside. It was almost daybreak, the dessert wind was a lot less harsh than the day before, calm and gentle. He wasn't sure where they were going, but while they were walking, he noticed along the way a couple tents, all zipped up. He figured that everyone was still asleep, but that wasn't important right now. The only thing that was on his mind was the horrible things that they were going to put him through for the time that he was going to spend with them.

"We're here"

They stopped in front of a large tent, two, tattered up banners placed on the sides of the entrance. Most probably the Bandit leader's tent, Luigi thought. And he was right, because when he went inside, sitting at the far end of the tent, lying on a large fur covered bed, was the big man himself, all dressed up with an unsheathed blade in hand. He fiddled with it in his hands until he saw Luigi approach, and then a large grin spread across his face, "Luigi...good to see you"

Seeing that smile while he's holding that blade made Luigi feel very uncomfortable, danger signals going off in his head. He was damn certain that that blade must have spilt its fair share of blood, and that he would be just another sacrifice if he ever disappointed them.

"Glad you could be here; hope you had a nice sleep"

"A little"

He laughed, so loud that it made Luigi want to cover his ears and block out this man's existence.

"Well Good enough, because I have need you to do something for me...a job if you will"

"A job...doing what exactly?"

"I'll fill you in on the details on our way there, but for now...", The bandit leader walked to the side of his bed, pulled out a large travel bag from underneath and tossed it at Luigi's feet, "We have some trouble that needs to be dealt with"

"What trouble?"


To be continued...

Yes, this chapter is a bit shorter than the others. Yes, this chapter has been published a little later than usual. No, i don't plan on keeping the stories short. Works been hectic and i barely have time to write as much as before...but I'll try : )

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