Chapter Percy discovers Vine and Hermes thinks its hilarious

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The Guardians and Hunters were gathered in the Amphitheater waiting for the meeting to begin.

Travis and Connor were snickering and Clarisse gave them a wary once over, checked to make sure she had her wallet and phone before looking for tripwires and whoopie cushions.
Finding none, she resolved not to move until whatever the Stolls had planned had been carried out.

"So guardians, " Percy said. "Hermes was showing me this cool thing on the internet and I photoshopped it. Check it out."

Percy widened the screen on his phone and a vine played.

In it, a blue robot with the words "So-Called Demigods" photoshopped on, strode robotically towards a dog. "Dog you are no match for me."
The dog, superimposed with the words "Actual Demigods", flicked its paw and the robot went flying.

"In another, less funny way, you all did great four days ago," Percy said, going up on stage. "And I've gathered you here to say that Thalia has reported in. As you all know she left for Asgard two days ago and took two hunters, two guardians and one other with her. Here it is."

He snapped his fingers and a scroll appeared in front of him. He cleared his throat and began to read.


Thalia looked up as the glow from teleportation faded.

Amy, Maria, and Margret, Miley, and Nico stood up and took in the sight of the golden city.

Most would have had their breath taken away but all five had seen the magnificence that was Olympus and the diamond-encrusted streets of the Underworld. No mortal city could hold sway.

After the failed water attack, the Asgardians had seemingly retreated, possibly to consult or gather allies.
Something that would be extremely difficult once Thalia had completed their mission.

Amy and Maria shot looks at the only boy in their midst, although Thalia was unsure if it was because he was male or the aura of death he radiated.  He was only tolerated because his sister and friend were hunters.

They raced along the rooftop, clothed in summoned shadows.

They were heading for the palace, a large building with spirals arranged in a way that reminded Thalia of a crown.

"Cloaked in shadow or not you cannot hide from Heimdall's all-seeing eyes."

Thalia stopped, her companions raising aiming their weapons, all but Nico, who could only draw his sword when he would use it on someone.

Before they stood 200 Asgardians, most in similar armor. Guards.
There were four who were not dressed like copies.

One was a blond man in green, another a dark-haired man with a mace.

The last man was huge, not tall but like he had gone to one or sixteen too many feasts.

The fourth was a woman in silver armor. She had dark hair and stern eyes.

"I am the Shield Maiden Sif and these are the Warriors Three. You are trespassing. Leave or be destroyed."
Thalia smirked. "I am Thalia, Lieutenant of Artemis. I shall be your opponent."

"Thalia," Nico whispered.
Thalia froze. "They are yours if you want them."

Nico nodded, his expression one of passive acceptance.

Thalia jumped out of the way and Nico strode forward, his aura growing stronger.

"I am Nico di Angelo." He said softly, "Son of Hades, Lord of the Dead. My sword is called Aniketos. It means Unconquerable, for that is the essence of death. As for my name, it means Angel of Death."

He slowly raised Aniketos and pointed it at the Asgardians. "When my father granted me immortality and made me his lieutenant he granted me one more thing, this blade, which even a single cut will send you to the Underworld." He slashed it downwards and looked at his foes with a terrifying look in his eyes although his face remained passive. "Knowing this, do you still dare to stand in my way?"

"Big talk for a mortal." Said the man in green. "Let's see if you can back it up."

"We will see which of us is truly mortal at the end of this battle."

The warrior smirkes cockily and took a single step forward and everything was plunged into darkness.

The warriors, although they stood next to each other, could no longer sense their comrades, trapped alone in a world of silence and darkness.

Cold creeped up their backs, sending goosebumps up their arms. It felt like the cold was sentient, and malicious.
Footsteps echoed and Fandral, the green warrior, turned to see Nico striding forward.

"What sorcery is this?"

Nick faded into smoke.


Nico had reappeared underneath Fanadal's outstreached sword, already fading back into shadows. Fanadral's hand began to drip scarlet.

And then the blond warrior was gone and Nico had moved on to the next.

Three minutes.

That's all that it took for Nico di Angelo to lightly slice any exposed skin and send his victim to the Underworld.

Victims. Not opponents. Opponents had a chance of victory.

The Asgardians didn't.

His travel companions, unaffected by his powers, watched in horror and awe as each and every Asgardian fell into darkness and vanished from the golden city.

Gone, just like the whisper of life, so quick and fleeting that an immortal could blink and miss it.

Nico stopped and surveyed his work before sheathing Aniketos.

"Nico?" Thalia said.

"Yes, Thalia." He said, looking away. "Father let Thanatos have a few centuries off. Until then it is my duty to collect the souls of the dead." He looked the Huntress in the eye. "Until Thanatos returns, for all intents and purposes, I am Death."

"That is freaking badass, dude." Thalia said, smacking him on the back and knocking his breath away. "I lucked out when I drafted you."

Nico shot her a look of surprise. "You're not-"

"Nico. I'm your cousin. We are family. Bianca is my family. Percy is my family. You are my family." She straightened. "Freaky death powers and all. Remember, I cause lightning storms when I'm angry and have the potential to start a huge fire. Terrifying abilities is nothing new to any demigod.  Just dont bring anything I'm trying to cook back to life while I'm cooking it or you'll be one of your father's subjects instead of his son."

Nico cracked the smallest smile. "Thanks Thalia."

"No probs. Now, let's go hunt the bastard who dared send people against us."

The others smiled at him, wary, but if Thalia and Percy were okay with him then they would be too.

"Let's hurry before he gets away again." Nico agreed.

Sorry guys no Peter yet. You'll have to wait a bit longer.
I decided I've grown tired of Nat's POV and will be exploring other characters who need to show how much they changed in the past century or so and Nico definitely needs a reminder that he has a family that has a pulse every so often.
Until next time, my faithful Guardians.

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