Chapter seven. The Spy who cant Spy (hey that rhymed)

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Natasha Romanov thought she was being quiet as she approached the forest, despite the fact that her every instinct was screaming at her to run.

It was aggravating not being able to trust her senses, especially since she never heard the four guardians watching her.

She had followed the signal to a park and began hiking into the woods after ditching her car.

About twenty minutes in she noticed that everything was silent. The forest had quieted when she had entered but she could still hear the birds singing.

It was unnerving. She felt like she was deaf.

"Come to see the master?"

Widow whirled on a heel, aiming at the teenager hanging upside down from a tree branch by their knees high in a tree. They grinned, grey eyes flashing, blond hair falling slightly out of her hood.

"I want to know who he is."

She smiled and arched her back, flipping off the branch and landing perfectly despite the 30 foot drop.

"Follow me. Lord Perseus is expecting you."

Well that was terrifying. Widow took a breath and began to follow the girl, who was taking the complicated route, over rocks and even taking to the trees at times. Widow struggled to keep up at some points but always found the girl waiting for her, an amused smile on her face.

After a few minutes Widow spotted from the corner of her eye at least three other teens in green cloaks like the girl and Percy. They were following from afar, probably to make sure the girl was safe.

But at the rate this trip was going the girl had widow out classed in wilderness travel.

Maybe their elves. Like the ones Thor talked about from Alfheime. Widow thought. I hope Thor is okay.

The girl suddenly laughed as if greatly amused.

Natasha reeled, praying they couldn't read her thoughts.

"Look at this!" She cried out. "Its so cute!"

Another cloaked teen practically materialized next to her, oogling over the small chipmunk.

"Im keeping it." The first girl said, picking it up and tucking it into her cloak as the second vanished.

Then she continued on her way as if nothing had happened, albiet a happy smile on her face.

The teen who had shown himself was running alongside Widow, obviously not pleased with the turn of events.

It was obvious that Percy had Sam. Not only had Falcon not respoqnded in an hour but his signal had gone dead as soon as the girl had appeared in her half cloak, swinging down from the trees like an acrobat.

Not only did they know she was coming but they sent a welcoming party to lead her in.

Maybe Percy wanted to talk just as much as she did.

They stopped on the edge of the lake, tree roots snaking down to the water.

"We're here." The girl said, pulling down her hood as the others appeared next to Widow.

A guard, she realized.

"Where are we?"

"Schist! I knew I forgot something." All four held out their hands in a three fingered claw and pushed them away from their chests.

The lake shore rippled, revealing more land, and on that land was an encampment.

An illusion.

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