Chapter Vikings+whining= Loki

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"They tried to spit roast me!"

"We didn't try anything!" Thalia yelled.

"I demand that they are tried and punished for war crimes and prisoner maltreatment."

Athena, with all the strength she had, managed to keep a straight face as Loki continued to rant from where he had been tied to a tree.

The horns of his helmet had been superheated and cooled after being twisted in to a rather intricate bow that Percy knew had to have been the joint efforts of Hephaestus, Athena and Aphrodite cabins.

He was tempted to ask if they had removed the helmet before they had twisted the metal into a Christmas bow but he didn't want to encourage them or antagonize Athena by interrupting her Q and A session.

While she was being professional and diplomatic, Percy, however, was significantly less so as he had immediately burst into loud and extremely indiscret snickers at the trickster god's predicament.

Clarrisse and Thalia had dragged Loki, quite literally through the sky with Percy's chariot that he had driven a grand total of five times.

When they touched down, it took a minute to drag Loki out of the tree where he had made a very valiant effort to escape from the back of the chariot that was not at all assisted by Thalia kicking him in a place they should more heavily armor.

That was about ten minutes ago and both Thalia, Clarrisse and Artemis had taken a back seat, sharpening their various pointy objects and discussing their latest kills.

It provided excellent background noise.

"Why did you launch an attack against Manhatten?" Athena asked, snapping her fingers and conjuring a chair. "Where did you muster the forces from? Who is supporting you?"

Loki stopped ranting and sent a venomous glare at Thalia who stared to laugh at his pitiful efforts as she switched the whetstone from her spearhead to her hunting knives.

"Answer or I'll have my lieutenant use her electric spear on you." Percy said, finally deciding to contribute.

"I gathered my army from the far reaches of the nine worlds, dragging demons into the light so that they wreak havoc amongst mortals and conquer this world in my name!"

Everyone stared for a moment before Percy started to slow clap. "Bravo. That was almost as dramatic as my uncle. Kudos for that."

Thunder rumbled angrily.

Percy laughed. "But seriously, someone else is obviously pulling the strings. So fess up. Who?"

"I refuse to bend to the whims of a pathetic mortal!"

"For someone so intent on conquoring us, you seem to not like being around very much. Can't take the stress?" Percy jibbed.

Loki's eyes widened with anger. "Insolent Shabbaroon!"

Percy stared. "What that Hades does that mean!? Did you just call me a babboon!? Athena! Did he just call me a babboon!"

"Shabbaroon. Not babboon. It means ill dressed person or mean spirited." Athena explained.

Percy was even more offended now. "Do you know how long I worked on this outfit. Three whole seconds! I had to walk to the closet and everything! How dare you!"

Thalia and Clarrisse were laughing now at his indignation.

"I've had these jeans since I was in high school! And I worked hard to get this hoodie! Do you know how hard it is to swim fifty meters in three minutes. Really freaking hard!"

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