Chapter Less Doom and Gloom

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Sally sighed as she finished wrapping up Peter's wrists. "If you stop pulling on the brace it wouldn't hurt as much and you wouldn't need new bandages every day.

"And if I stopped trying to get it off then I would never get out of here."

Sally felt bad for the teenager but he had seen too much of the war plans to be let go. "It's only until the Asgard team get back." She said. "Until then you have almost free reign of the camp. Better than some dungeon wall, right?"

Peter looked away. "I suppose."

"Come on. Let's take a walk. Its no good if you just stay in a tent all day. "
Now it was Peter's turn to sigh.
"Alright." He relented as he saw Sally's pleading look.

He stood up and followed the mortal guardian outside the tent that had become his makeshift prison.

Percy had placed an enchanted brace on his wrist that prevented him from leaving the camp borders. He had asked his mother to care for him, although for the past three days that mostly involved bandaging his wrist from where the spiderteen had tried to pull it off.

"Come on. I'll show you the beach. I think the borders extend out a bit so we can swim if you like."

"Swim? It's too cold."

Sally smiled. "Not here."

Peter was intrigued by magic as much as any teenager in this day and age so he finally agreed.

They walked down to the sandy shore and sat in the surf, letting the tide soak their feet.

The water was warm, like it would be in summer, not early spring. A few miles down Peter could see where the water battle had taken place. Where he had overheard important war plans and where he had been captured by preteens in silver.

Clint would never let him live it down.

"The border has stood for thousands of years." Sally said, interrupting his thoughts. "Before it was created, many demigods died, killed by monsters in their own homes. But then Chiron created a camp for them to be safe. The gods created this border and only demigods can enter or leave without permission. There are some monsters in the woods but besides that it is literally the safest place on earth. Not counting the Romans of course."


"I'm not entirely up to date on that side of things. You'll have to ask someone else."

In the distance the water rippled.

The disturbance drew larger and larger until the water parted like the red sea, allowing a figure to walk towards them.

"Always so dramatic." Sally said.

Their visitor was a middle aged man with the same sea green eyes and black hair as Percy. He wore a Hawaiian shirt and a hat that said "'Neptune's lucky fishing hat' on it.
He held a glowing trident that transformed into a fishing rod.

"Peter. Please go back to the camp." Sally said, standing up.

Peter looked between his assigned guardian and the very obvious god and concluded three things.

One. Thor had nothing on the power radiating from Sally's visitor.

Two. The Asgardians had no chance against just one of the divine beings. 

Three. He better leave before he got incinerated.

He bowed, something that felt right, and hurried off.

He decided to look around a bit while he didn't have an escort. It helped that they had given him a camp half blood shirt since his had been ripped up pretty badly when he was dragged through the woods.

He winced thinking about it. Who knew 13 year old girls were so vicious?

He found himself in the middle of a circle of cabins, each as unique and crazy as the last.



"Peter." Said the Scarlet Witch. "What are you doing here?"

"I may have gotten captured when Fury asked me to spy." The teen admitted, a bit ashamed. He could usually escape by now but he was well and truely trapped.

At least this cage but bigger and less painful than usual.

Wanda grinned, her hair up in a pony tail. She wore the same shirt Peter did with cut off jeans and hiking boots. "So you didn't come to check on me?"

"Everyone is kind of freakimg out about you, to be honest. Mr.Rodgers can't say anything and you haven't been spotted since Percy took you from that school in Ohio."

Wanda sighed. "I figured as much. But I'm learning a lot here. Check this out."

She placed a hand on Peter's mouth. "I cast my spell and in its wake, silence falls, it shall not break."

She pulled away and Peter found that his voice had left him.

"We use that one on Janice. She snores." Wanda whispered conspiratorily, returning his voice with a wave of her hand.

"I see you like it here."

"Yeah. It's a shame about the Asgardians but we demigods don't really have much say in what goes on up on Olympus. According to my counselor, Percy has made life as a half blood a lot easier ever since he became a god. Since we are technically part of his domain, no other god can kill us out of spite or to make another deity angry. Makes it a lot safer to leave Camp."

"Do the gods infight a lot?"

Wanda laughed. "Follow me."

She led Peter to her cabin, blue with keys painted on the side. She popped in for a moment and popped out again with a large blue book. "Janice recommended I buy this from the camp store and it was expensive so don't mess it up. She said Percy wrote it and there are a few copies running around. It's an up to date version of the old myths. Just make sure I have it back before you leave. I've already finished it."

She handed it over and Peter looked up. "I have no idea what this says."

"Oh. Sorry. It's in ancient Greek. Here." She snapped her fingers and the letters reaaranged to English.

"Percy Jackson's Greek Gods?" Peter read out loud.

When Sally came looking for her charge she found the young hero curled up on his cot nose deep in a book. She leaned over his shoulder and read a passage.

Even in Demeter’s desperate state of
mind, that must’ve been sort of a rush, hearing somebody praying to her when they didn’t know she was in the crowd.
If it were me, I’d wait until the queen said, “O great Demeter—”
Then I’d jump out with a bunch of explosions and fireworks and say, “YOU CALLED?”
Probably a good thing nobody has made me a god.

Sally smiled. He is a great god. She thought to herself as she settled down for bed.

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