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Ask or Dare Lady Athena by damselle_
Ask or Dare Lady Athenaby elle
Ask or dare the wonderful Lady Athena anything and she will definitely do it! Admin: Ain't that right, mom? Athena: *tied up to a chair with magic-proof rope* So this is...
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The Day Mortals Met The God Perseus by Irisofthewaters
The Day Mortals Met The God Perseusby Irisofthewaters
Its been 57 years since Thalia was made Immortal. Its been 50 years since Percy was made a god. He serves as the God of Heros and Rivers. its been 43 Years since Nico...
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tratie one shots by spacenams
tratie one shotsby mckenna mirk
tratie is one of my favorite ships of all time, and this is a tribute to them. [ wattys 2019 submission ]
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The Death Of Me by __emilynicole__
The Death Of Meby Emily Nicole
"Travis Stoll, you will, without a doubt, be the death of me." "Yeah but you love me." "Don't be so sure." A modern high school au featurin...
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Traite One Shots by __emilynicole__
Traite One Shotsby Emily Nicole
Bonjour yall! Here's a collection of one shots - the only problem is that I am out of ideas! So please comment on either my message board or the first chapter of this fi...
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The Dove's Brother by AgentWard
The Dove's Brotherby Sicarius
When Saturn, the Titan of time, slew his father, Uranus, the convergence of the bloody remains of his groins and the oceanic waters of Thalassa led to the birth of the v...
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son of chaos - changing destiny by sonofcreation
son of chaos - changing destinyby Sonofcreation
AU set after the titan war. Percy is betrayed by everyone he knows except a few. An ancient being offers him a chance to relive his life and to take revenge on all those...
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Changing the Future by RainbowSpark18
Changing the Futureby RainbowSpark18
"Look, I didn't want to be a half-blood..." With one sentence, her life would be changed forever. Andy Collins could never have expected how her love of readi...
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Hunter by AndyBwanyDiallo
Hunterby abwanydiallo
He reached for my hand, and I stood before he could touch me. I pulled my backpack on my shoulder and made to leave, but he grasped me and pulled me back. "Stop run...
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The Guardians and their doors.  by Irisofthewaters
The Guardians and their doors. by Irisofthewaters
Sequel to Mortals meet the god Perseus. Reunited with some, separated from others, the guardians are trapped in an alternate dimension where they must "nudge"...
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Hades & Persephone by Tonicon
Hades & Persephoneby ToniCon
BOOK 1 --I will Correct Errors soon! "I have no sadness, I have no happiness. I have no love, for I am Hades." "Then why did you bring me here?" I st...
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HERMES by callistics
HERMESby Florenc
HERMES { e r - m e z } noun 1) The ancient Greek herald and messenger of the gods and the god of roads, commerce, invention, and theft. 2) My first true love.
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When Cupid Falls In Love by littleninjamari
When Cupid Falls In Loveby Mari Bramson
When your a Greek God people expect you to be an over confident know-it-all and live up to your stereotype, but truthfully we're all ironic. Our fiercest warriors Zeus a...
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Latina en el Campamento Mestizo. by -S0FYRENEK0
Latina en el Campamento neko(cornio)
Cuando la madre de Rosario le dice que tendrá que viajar desde Argentina hasta Nueva York para ir a un campamento de verano, su mente no puede evitar pensar: Aventuras. ...
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Olympian Gods, Truth Or Dare? by TheGelatin
Olympian Gods, Truth Or Dare?by Arnie-chan
Truth or Dare? Join the Greek Olympian gods as they take part in a really hilarious game of truth or dare! Also available in link: https://www.fanfiction...
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My Book Of Greek Mythology Memes And One-Shots by AfterAllImAnIdol
My Book Of Greek Mythology Memes Claud/Author/Idol
Mostly memes. And a lot of Persephone and Hades. Also, possibly the home for my comic Gang Gods.
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HUMAN CANVAS ⟶ Fred Weasley by kmbell92
HUMAN CANVAS ⟶ Fred Weasleyby 𝐊.𝐌.𝐁𝐄𝐋𝐋
❝Life is the art of drawing without an eraser.❞ What had originally started off as harmless scribbles that appeared on her skin became so much more to Indra Dyer, especi...
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Demigods go to hogwarts by Sir_Ravenclawking
Demigods go to hogwartsby Samuel Prosser
[Completed] This takes place after the Deathly Hallows and after the Giant War. Nobody important dies, thankfully, nobody at Hogwarts is a demigod or demigoddess that...
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Mythology one-shots by Junecactus
Mythology one-shotsby June Mandarina
[Taking requests] Basically xreader one shots with gods and godesses from different pantheons (Greek, Norse, Egyptian, Roman...) Also, sorry if I make spelling mistakes...
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Percy Jackson Memes by LexoMeter77
Percy Jackson Memesby Alex
Mortal! Yes! You! Why have you not looked at this book yet?
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