Yo Percy, you've got another evil gramp by TheSkyElf
Yo Percy, you've got another SwedishViking
Percy finds out after the Battle of Manhattan that he have another evil grandpa. But how can his nice grandpa that he remember playing with as small turn so evil? Join P...
  • humor
  • kanechronicles
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Wandless by athlete68
Wandlessby Athlete68
Brother of my mother, with whom I stay, Cast spells and does tricks with a stick like clay. An odd bunch of friends call his home theirs, They all walk in, mostly in pai...
  • giantwar
  • sirius
  • apollo
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Battle Strategies | Tony Stark  by -dancingunicorns
Battle Strategies | Tony Stark by -dancingunicorns
Athena - goddess of wisdom, courage, inspiration, civilization, law and justice, strategic warfare, mathematics, strength, strategy, the arts, crafts, and skill. Who wou...
  • blackwidow
  • whiplash
  • zeus
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Olympian Gods, Truth Or Dare? by TheGelatin
Olympian Gods, Truth Or Dare?by Arnie-chan
Truth or Dare? Join the Greek Olympian gods as they take part in a really hilarious game of truth or dare! Also available in link: https://www.fanfiction...
  • aphrodite
  • hera
  • hestia
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Hades & Persephone by Tonicon
Hades & Persephoneby ToniCon
BOOK 1 --I will Correct Errors soon! "I have no sadness, I have no happiness. I have no love, for I am Hades." "Then why did you bring me here?" I st...
  • romance
  • greekmythology
  • zeus
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Percy Jackson: Supernatural Stories And Messing With Gods by ViciousViking03
Percy Jackson: Supernatural ViciousViking03 .
[I don't own PJO or HOO Rick Riordan does] Ahh... Perseus Jackson.... The fates pawn He was betrayed and cheated on.... no it was not by a new camper or a Jealous one...
  • apollo
  • artemis
  • blessing
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Bender x Reader - Futurama by RosalinaThorne
Bender x Reader - Futuramaby Rosalina Thornewood
You (the reader) are a neko (you can turn into a cat). Bender: Hey, meatbag? Where's the booze you promised? Me: You'll need it after this. *evil laughter* This is my...
  • 012
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Percy Jackson: God of Loyalty and Betrayal by Draco_Malfoy-384
Percy Jackson: God of Loyalty Why Am I Alive 999
Perthena!!! And Pertemis!!! ------------------------------------------------------------------ Athena had just gotten a visit from Perseus Jackson. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~...
  • death
  • hermes
  • artemis-percy
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My Book Of Greek Mythology Memes And One-Shots by AfterAllImAnIdol
My Book Of Greek Mythology Memes Claud/Author/Idol
Mostly memes. And a lot of Persephone and Hades. Also, possibly the home for my comic Gang Gods.
  • random
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  • greek-gods
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The Melancholy Life and Death of Delilah LaFluer  by SnS_Milo
The Melancholy Life and Death of SnS_Milo
This is a story of loss and love and loss again. ** Unedited **
  • hate
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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 9: Glitters like Gold by sr14jf
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 9: Captain J
This follows the alternate universe Jolyne Kujo and her motley crew of friends on a quest to find Irene's(Jolyne) mother's killer. With the help of Emporio and the other...
  • jolyne
  • script
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Cataclysm  (Book 3 of Hope) (The Wattys 2018) by MindMarvel
Cataclysm (Book 3 of Hope) (The Rachel Attwood
Could you really bring down the one you love to save their life? (Named changed from Throne of Seas to Cataclysm and cover has also been changed) With Samuel in Atlan...
  • luxawards2018
  • zeus
  • fathertime
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Before It Dies [Tratie] by raspberryfanfics
Before It Dies [Tratie]by CerealMaker Demeter
༻Who knew butterflies could be so vicious? They fiercely attack your insides, push against your lungs until your heart won't stop beating, and swarm in your head until y...
  • connorstoll
  • hermes
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The Future Is A Bit Weird-Percy Jackson. by Fangirl1025973
The Future Is A Bit Weird-Percy Fandom Girl
Thalia Grace, Luke Castellan, Grover Underwood and Annabeth Chase didn't know that they were going to be staying for some time with the hunters. When the fates bring Per...
  • zeus
  • lukecastellan
  • demigods
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The Thief's Love: Travis and Katie One-shots by cortanablade
The Thief's Love: Travis and Ally
Different Tratie One-shots! Cute one shots starring everyone's favorite couple (even if Katie denies it) "Kayla reckons that we could turn all their flowers into po...
  • percyjackson
  • demeter
  • katie
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Soulmate of Olympus by SethPeterson1
Soulmate of Olympusby Seth Peterson
While Percy and Annabeth are having a breakup argument, on Olympus the fates are telling the Olympians that all of them have to share one soulmate and that they will rev...
  • pera
  • hephaestus
  • artemis
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TEENS FROM OLYMPUSby carol danvers
Zeus, Poseidon, Athena, Ares, Hera, Aphrodite and Hermes are all thrown out of Olympus after an ambush orchestrated by the god of The Underworld himself. But they aren't...
  • one
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Zodiac's deadly sins by itsLibby1234
Zodiac's deadly sinsby itsLibby1234
The seven deadly sins are soon going to crown their children to continue their legends. The Gods/Goddesses Of Olympus are also going to crown their children to keep what...
  • zodiacstory
  • sins
  • aphrodite
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Latina en el Campamento Mestizo. by SofyreNeko
Latina en el Campamento Nekocornio. 👽
Cuando la madre de Rosario le dice que tendrá que viajar desde Argentina hasta Nueva York para ir a un campamento de verano, su mente no puede evitar pensar: Aventuras. ...
  • semidioses
  • semidiosa
  • annabethchase
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Thick and Thin by poesidengirl03
Thick and Thinby poesidengirl03
Apollo is known as a player with both women and Goddesses alike but now he has his eyes set on someone new Percilla (Percy) Jackson Daughter of Poesiden. Before the titi...
  • fempercy
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