Fine. Chapter 14.

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"So we just sit here?" Thalia asked, sharpening a dagger as she watched the mortals with a trained eye.

"Until Captain Rodgers returns." Percy said.

"Im bored."

"I have Mythomagic!"

"Not that bored."

"Why dont you shoot at Percy then." Nico said with an a strange combination of a pout and evil smirk on his face.

"A marvelous idea, Nico." Thalia said in a british accent and before Percy knew what was happening he was dodging silver arrows.

"Lets go, Kelp Face!"

"Your on, Pinecone face! But Death Breath is in this too!"

"I hate you." Nico said as Thalia came after him with a knife and Percy threw his trident.

The agents were dumbfounded, their mortal senses barely able to keep up with the lightning fast movements of the immortals.

"Did they turn on each other?"

"Jarvis, film this for analysis."

Thor, who was on the airship with the legionnaires, struggled to move. "Heimdall, open the bifrost."

The trio's sparing session was cut short as a blast of rainbow colored light appeared, striking where Thor laid and taking him and the med bed he was in before vanishing.

"The aliens sure do have cool tech." Leo said from behind the barrier. "But we can pull that off with magic. Jazz! Want to help me make a beam me up machine!?"

Percy grinned, entranced by the beautiful colors. "So the thundering buffon went home, huh. Think they'll be back?"

"50. 50." Nico said.

"Better than 100." Percy admitted, looking at the hole in the clouds where the beam had sliced through.

It was just then that Captain America emerged from the border looking thoroughly astounded but Wanda and Nat were not with him.

"Told you." Percy said as the Mist covered his armor, making him appear to be wearing jeans and an green cloak once again. "Natasha and Wanda are staying here. And I suggest you pull out before we have company." He looked up at the sky and grinned. "Aftí i gi eínai i gi mas. Gia éla."

This land is our land. Bring it on.

The sky seemed to shake, two forces fighting for control. One laughing, the other trembling with anger.

"Steve. What happened in there?"

"I cant say. I swore not to. But Natasha and Wanda are fine. I haven't seen Wanda so happy since before Pietro died."

"I think we're dealing with the origin of the Greek mythology. Same way Asgard is responsible for the norse, these guys are the basis for all the famous myths."

"Bravo, Tony Stark. You could pass for a child of Athena." Percy yelled, hefting his trident.

The trio began to glow and they vanished in a flash of green, silver and Black light, the legionnaires vanishing as well.

"And I thought I had dramatic exits." Tony said.

"Now what?" Steve asked.

"We-" Fury was trembling. He had been out smarted and out played and over powered. The last time he felt so helpless, well, he had never thought he would see New York again.

But he was the leader of Shield. He always had a plan.

"Sir?" Agent Hill said.

"War is coming to Earth, Maria. Or should I say War is coming to Midgard."

Odin was in the med bay of the royal Asgardian palace, watching as his eldest son underwent treatment.

"What did this to you, my boy? What manner of beast of the nine worlds did this?" The old man said.

"Perhaps, my lord. An investigation is in order to discover and, if need be, destroy these entities. There must have been a great many of them if they defeated the mighty god of Thunder so soundly." Loki said, false concern lacing his voice. "Perhaps I along with a contingent of warriors will travel to Midgard and acertain what threat this army poses. If they are a threat, they must be vanquished."

"Yes." Odin said wearily. "Choose your men and go." His eyes were tinted green.

Loki smiled. "As you wish, Father. We shall leave for Midgard at first light."

He vanished in a puff of green smoke that smelled faintly of deceit and cunning with a touch of cinnamon.

Meanwhile Percy had decided it was high time Natasha Romanov met an old friend of his.

Unfortunately a certain one of Thalia's half brothers was visiting.

And he still hadn't grown out of his Haiku phase.

Percy sighed. "Natasha. While you travel with me you shall meet many immortals who have seen a million sunrises and brave demigods who have seen a thousand sunsets. Here's the idiot responsible for both."

Thou hast wounded me
With thy cruel words and story
Sup. I'm Apollo.

Percy groaned.

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