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How to Reform a Rake (Myths Finding Love #3) COMPLETED! by AerithSage
How to Reform a Rake (Myths Findin...by Alyssa Urbano
[Zeus x Hera] (Note: Rake is an old term for player) For thousands of years, the Queen of the Gods has put up with her philandering, arrogant, conceited and uncaring hus...
The Queen's Irony by LionCub101
The Queen's Ironyby LionCub101
After their 300 year honeymoon, Zeus showed his true colors when he cheated on Hera with the beautiful Leto. Now in the twenty-first century he has taken it a step furth...
The Queen's Curse by euphyrys
The Queen's Curseby AC
The Queen's Curse by @euphyrys A Greek Mythology Story Previously known as Through Golden Blood ••• The Queen of the gods never imagined that this was the sort of life...
Percy and The Love Of The 4 Goddess 's by A3hellabove
Percy and The Love Of The 4 Goddes...by A3hellabove
Percy Jackson hasn't had much luck in love, he's been betrayed by annabeth the woman he thought was his soul mate but yet her soul belonged to someone else. Now he's sin...
Child of the Abyss Walker and the Hunt by LostLogik
Child of the Abyss Walker and the...by LostLogik
Y/N L/N is the son of Artorias and Artemis. After defeating his father consumed by the abyss and the father of the abyss Manus he is transported to Earth where his mothe...
A Fading Queen by Atlantagalaxy_love
A Fading Queenby Lia
Hera is fading, how will Zeus and the other Gods react after she fades.
Fading by kampsy
Fadingby Kampamba Mwamba
Queen Hera is fading and the gods are panicking
Prince  of Olympus by Hogwarts_Alumni16
Prince of Olympusby Mischief managed
Percy life was turned upside down when his mom was killed by Gabe and had to leave his old life that he knew to a life with strange people who says That they are his fam...
If Only They Had Looked by percabeth035
If Only They Had Lookedby Thalia(yes, i'm THAT person...
Maybe she shouldn't have. Maybe it was pointless. But...she didn't regret it. She didn't regret any of it. ~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~= Paisley(fempercy) is thrown into Tartarus a...
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The Olympians Play Truth or Dare by SabrinaGrimm99
The Olympians Play Truth or Dareby Meri
The twelve olympians are summoned to the throne room of olympus for none other than- a game of truth or dare! Note, this is NOT a percy jackson fanfiction. Please read a...
Brother of Zeus by perseusTheDestroyer5
Brother of Zeusby perseusTheDestroyer15
What if Zeus had an older twin brother? This is his story. It starts in Ancient Greece and works itself eventually to PJO cannon. This is an AU story with Godlike! Percy...
Taking Olympus Back Book 1 by LesOlympians
Taking Olympus Back Book 1by Elizabeth
Athena, the wisest of them all, was in love with Ares, God of war, before he betrayed her. What he did to her can never be forgiven. Or can it? Can she forgive everythin...
The Fates' Wish - The Greek Gods by LukeCastellan1986
The Fates' Wish - The Greek Godsby LukeCastellan1986
The gods and demigods read Percy Jackson and the greek gods Do read! PERCY JACKSON IS OWNED BY RICK RIORDAN Enjoy and comment
The Forbidden Child by Flyingthestral
The Forbidden Childby Flyingthestral
Hera's patience had broken. Disturbed at her husband's infidelity , she sires a demigod child of her own. But neither she nor the Olympians know about the prophecy kept...
How Lady Hera Got Her Groove On by AdoraIunonem
How Lady Hera Got Her Groove Onby AdoraIunonem
After Zeus leaves Olympus for twenty years, the other gods are beginning to think that his long departure is a "silent divorce". Hera, frustrated with the rumo...
Another Love ─── L. Castellan by Imaginebooks
Another Love ─── L. Castellanby Li
❝ Does being a Child of Hermes automatically make you good at flirting? Or was that just a skill you picked up? ❞ Andromeda Jackson knew she was not cut out for the demi...
Percy Jackson - Broken Together (On Hold) by Thatwriterguy1234
Percy Jackson - Broken Together (O...by Steve erwin
When Annabeth cheats on Percy he is broken on the inside. He goes to Olympus and is comforted by the most unlikely, brokenhearted goddess. As they grow closer together...
#1 Daughter of Hera: Rise of Tartarus by WhenStarsLie
#1 Daughter of Hera: Rise of Tarta...by WhenStarsLie
Christine Galliardo has a normal life just like everyone else. She lives with the triplet grandmothers who took her in when she was found on their doorstep. She goes to...
Tears of Gold ─── Hermes by Imaginebooks
Tears of Gold ─── Hermesby Li
❝ I am both war and woman and you cannot stop me ❞ Nikita Gill Hermes was unsure of what drew him in, maybe it was the mischief in her smile, of the spark in her eyes, b...
𝐃𝐀𝐔𝐆𝐇𝐓𝐄𝐑 𝐎𝐅 𝐋𝐎𝐕𝐄 || 𝐉𝐚𝐬𝐨𝐧 𝐆𝐫𝐚𝐜𝐞 by I_have_abibliophobia
Jason has a problem. He doesn't remember anything before waking up on a school bus sitting beside a guy. Apparently, he's his best friend Leo, and his other friends are...