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"Jarvis! Track heat signatures!" Iron man yelled, taking off into the skies.

Steve reved up his bike and the remaining Avengers began to chase the Guardians, Shield agents coming out of hiding on ATVs.

"Ooh! Chase scene!" Jazz yelled, whooping with delight.

"Can't we just use spray on Mist?" Nat asked, grabbing Captain America's shield and sending it flying at Stark while hutling over a hot dog stand like she was participating in a particularly energetic game of frisbee.

A gun fired but Jazz brought up her sheild, the explosive round knocking both spy and demigod down.

They rolled, leaping back on their feet but not before an agent grabbed Jazz's arm. "Your under arrest." He began but in the next moment he was a guinea pig.

"Not again." It squeaked.

Jazz cackled and darted away, whistling for her pegasus.

A brown and white paint came from the skies and Jazz grabbed his mane and hauled both herself and Nat up.

The Sheild agents were staring with awe in their eyes and Nat wondered briefly what they were seeing.

Iron man was the only one with flight capability since Thor was AWOL and Clint, and Bruce were unconscious from dream interrogation or being  separated from angry alternate personality and thus no longer useful on the battlefield.

Frankly, Natasha was grateful Nico and his father had removed the rage monster from its mortal anchor. It saved her a lot of stress.

Jazz turned at looked at the spy. "I'm going to try a spell to lose them. Not sure if it will work but It's the best chance we got of ditching him."

"Alright." Nat whistled and jumped off Jazz's pegasus and landing on her own, Jazz chanting in Greek as clouds moved it.
"Fog rolls in, obsucruing sight, dragging enemies into the night. Saving friends, confusing foes, by my spell, the fog shall grow."

Thick, grey fog suddenly rolled into the sky from the east river, blanketing the sky where the Iron Avenger flew, forcing him down as the magic affected his sensor.

"Daughter of Hecate, bitches!" Jazz crowed, her pegasus doing a victory loop de loop. "Aw yeah, whose the boss. I am! That's right! I'd like to see any of you summon machine screwing fog on a moments notice! Ha!"

Nat let her have her victory, noticing the strain it had had on her and contacted Clarrisse.

"Central park is a trap. It's full of Shield agents."

"Copy that. Changing routes now. Head to Olympus, Percy and Lady Athena want your opinion on the Asgardian movement. Take the pegasi with you."

"Copy. Over and out."

Nat ended the call and nudged Luka towards the Empire State building before catching Jazz's expression.


"Copy that. Over and out." She mimed.
"It's protocol on a mission."

"It's boring."

"Most protocol is."

"You should do what Percy does."

"Do I want to know?"

Jazz grinned wickedly. "Yo, guys, I just killed, like, all the dracaena and got the demigod. Blue cookies with sprinkles for everyone!" She said mockingly.

"Did someone say blue cookies?"

Nat whirled, the knife heading for Percy's neck barely deflected by riptide.

"Remind me to keep a distance when you're grumpy." The immature god said.

Nat narrowed her eyes, looking pointedly at the ground and the at the god, sheathing her knife as Percy stuffed his pen back in his pocket.
"Couldn't you and Lady Athena have waited another ten minutes. We were almost there."

"I was but I had to change a certain agent back into a human." He shot a not very threatening look at Jazz who bowed her head, still grinning and not at all apologetic. "And lo and behold I heard the words 'blue' and 'cookies' used in the same sentence and I had to come and share the joy.

Two cookies appeared in Nat's hands, Jazz grinning with delight and chowing down.

"How was the fight?" Percy asked, now on his own midnight black pegasus, his voice transmitted to Nat's ears.

"We got spotted but we made it out. I'm worried Stark figured out a way to track Guardians."

"We're pulling cloaks off the streets soon enough. Asgardian scouts have been spotted near Long Island Sound. On the opposite shore of camp. Athena fears they may wage a water-based attack."

"Can't you-?" Nat began.

"Snap my fingers and overturn their watercraft. Yup, but Athena wants a certain Asgardian dead. I'll snap my fingers once we have eyes on the trickster."

Nat nodded. "How is the Asgard team faring?"

Percy started laughing. "Thalia called not twenty minutes ago and spent the last five minutes of the report complaining about the patriarchy and how Asgard was an Olympus knock off. Artemis and Athena were both horrified as you could imagine."

Nat laughed and leaned forward as the pegasus went in for a landing.

They trotted to a stop on the sidewalk and dismounted, Percy materializing a donut and giving it to his pegasus. "I know you like the shop on thirty-first but I'm too busy to go there right now."

The Pegasus snorted and ate the donut angrily.

Percy chuckled and all three took off to the skies after they said their goodbyes.

"Why couldn't we just fly in?" Nat asked.

"There are air gods protecting the area around Olympus. Only gods can get in from the air. They would knock you out of the sky if you tried." He stopped and looked Nat dead in the eye. "We are at war. Make sure you have your head in the game and not on your former comrades." There was a dark look in his eye, one that Nat had seen many times in experienced commanders and war veterans and retired assassins.

It was the look of a man willing to do anything to destroy the enemy and bring back as many of his people as he could.

Nat was beyond grateful that she had switched sides.

She nodded, and Percy went back to being that cheerful Immortal that had grown on Nat.

"We're off to see the council. The wonderful council of gods." Percy sang.


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