Chapter 1. Necromacy

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Natasha Romanov prided herself on many things. Her skills, her success rate, her ability to vanish into the shadows.

But it was this boy who appeared from them.

He looked older than the photo but still decades younger than he had any right to be.

He looked around and sat in front of a gravestone, smiling sadly at it. "Its almost time."

"We know Death Breath."

The first boy jumped and turned to see the other two targets.

The girl, who looked about 16, was wearing a silver parka and white camo pants. A silver circlet was threaded through her black hair that was streaked with blue.

The other was the main target. He had, over 50 years ago, been at the scene of multiple disasters.

He looked to be almost 18, with sea green eyes and raven black hair. He and the girl were both tan but seemed to be...

No. Natasha thought to herself. Im imagining things in the fog, they can't be glowing.

Percy Jackson, age 68, handed the first boy, Nico, a brown paper bag with golden arches.

"Dont worry. We got you one too." Thalia said.

"How long?"

"The moon will be high enough in a half hour." Nico said.

"Im glad we can do this." Thalia said. "It reminds me of a time before We became like this."

"Lieutenants?" Nico asked.

Thalia shook her head. "Gods. Its been a long time."

They fell silence before Percy pulled a Tupperware from his messenger bag. "Mom made cookies."

He had to run around in the dark a bit, almost seeing Clint in the tree above him as he held the tub of blue cookies our of reach.

"Percy I swear on the Styx, if you dont share I will zap you here and now."

His eyes widened. "Fine."

He passed them out. Clint could smell them from his perch. They smelled amazing.

"How is your mom doing? I heard about Paul passing earlier this year."

"Well, she's still pretty sad. She's set to move into a nursing home but my father says that if she agrees she can stay in his palace."

"Your mom is pretty stubborn." Thalia said.

"You can relate."

Then something weird happened.

Nico jumped back, clutching the shoulder Thalia had poked as arches of electricity shot out of their clothes.

"Was that necessary?" Percy asked, looking used to their antics and not at all surprised at the fact that girl had tasered their comrade.

"Hey its almost time." Nico said.

"Hey Siri?" Percy said into his phone. "Remind me to Thank the Gods later."

"Reminder set. The god of the sea would like that sea shell necktie you almost bought earlier."

The phones next sentence was cut off by Percy jamming it into his pocket. "Leave it to Hephaestus to give me a phone with an attitude."

"Did you really almost buy your father a Seashell necktie?"

"Last time I checked, I had to talk you out of sending YOUR father a Ambient Storm CD."

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