Chapter 8. Do I have to keep putting Chapter Titles up? I need answers!

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"So there are-"


"And your a-"


"And their all-"

"For the most part."

"Let me finish!"

Percy laughed. "I know it seems hard to believe but It's all true. The gods of ancient Greece still walk this earth, having children who are called Demigods. These demigods are usually hunted by monsters. The Guard was created to protect these undiscovered demigod from dying before they even understand what's going on."

Natasha leaned back in her chair. They had been talking for several hours now and after several debates which Percy failed at and had to bring in back up in the form of two teens with blonde hair and grey eyes, who had a counter for every argument Natasha could muster.

"Children of Athena. Smarter then either of us ever will be. I never was interested in the intricacies of magic. It went over my head everytime Hecate tried to explain. " Percy said. "Xander and Lizzie's mom is Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom and Battle Strategy. Unless your going up against spiders its always wise to have a Child of Athena at your side."


"Athena turned a human into the first spider and their kids have been duking it out ever since." Percy explained.


"Anyways. Have you made your decision. You already made the one to listen but will you stay or go. I've fought with you. You would be a welcome addition to our ranks. And offering this to a mortal. Well, lets just say it only happens once every accidental cockatrice."

"A what?"

"Rarely. It happens rarely. Ill give you a few days to make up your mind. Join or stay a guest. Your choice." His eyes narrowed. "Or will you leave with this valuable information. I have orders to keep that from happening." He grinned. "A simple oath will stop you from speaking. It's your choice."

Natasha nodded and stood. "So my options are to either stay with you and learn more or leave with my lips magically sealed."


Natasha nodded. Can I have a few hours?"

"Of course. We are heading for one of the camps soon though. Please decide before we leave. In the meantime there is someone who wants to see you."

On cue the tent flap opened and in walked a familiar face.


"Hey Nat. How you been?"

The two superheros hugged each other. "What happened to you?"

"Lord Perseus introduced me to my mom." She said, smiling. "And I have siblings."

"Lady Hecate was quite please with how powerful Wanda is. She came to speak with her a few hours ago. She, along with Amelia, will be dropped off at camp." Percy said.


"The goddess of magic." Wanda explained. "I thought my mom had died when I was a baby but she didn't. She just had to go back home."

"You two can talk later. Right now there are some things I need to take care of." Percy said. "I will see you both at dinner. But until then, please use my tent to talk. I will see you soon."

Percy emerged from the tent and stretched. "That took longer than I thought." He told his Lieutenant.

"Are you sure about this, Prissy? A clear sighted mortal is one thing but one with no connection to the gods?"

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