The Facial Recognition

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Director Fury of shield was not having a good day.
Not only were they still dealing with the aftermath of The Chitauri invasion but it was almost the day.
This time. He would have them.
They had started appearing about 30 years ago, three teenagers with black hair in a graveyard.
It hadn't caught any red flags at first until about 15 years later, when Facial recognition pinged and revealed that they hadn't aged a day.
Now with the return of Bucky Barnes who had been frozen for decades by Hydra Fury was determined to catch the trio, and assess if they were a threat or not.
He pulled up his intercom. "Stark? Are the Avengers ready?"
"For three hours now. Can we go? I have a hot date tonight." He wiggled his eyebrows at the most powerful man on earth.
Or so he thought.
They were about to get a very rude awakening.
"Take your positions. Agents will be waiting with containment collars nearby."
"Got it." he ended the call.
Fury looked back to his desk.
On the file were three photos.
The first was a blue eyed girl with dark hair and an angry look in her eyes. The second was a 12 year old boy with pale skin and dark eyes.
The third, a carefree, mischievous boy who had sea green eyes and black hair. His eyes seemed to glow.
Thalia Grace.
Nico Di Angelo.
Perseus Jackson.
"What are you?" Fury wondered out loud.

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