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Percy closed his eyes as Odin continued to scream his defiance, eyes glowing a rather toxic and vivid green.

"Hvernig dara þú ór asgard! Ek munu eiga þú fyrir slíkr krimur ok þinn munu til wolvur!"

Hecate took a step back and sighed heavily. "I'm afraid the spell is too deeply ingrained to be broken with basics, my lord. It will take time and I will need assistance." She narrowed her eyes at Odin, who was still screaming insults in old norse, and snapped her fingers. "Silencio."

Odin's eyes rolled up in his head and he collapsed on the floor of the great Olympian Assembly hall.

"Didn't the prophecy state that 'The spy and witch shall break the bonds that false gods keep putting on?" Hermes asked.

Athena nodded, still in her business attire but she had regained her usual armor over it. "Indeed. Perhaps this spell is the bond the prophecy speaks of?"

"Congratulations, brother." Artemis said, her lips threatening to break into a smile. "Your prophecy is finally useful."


"Perseus." Athena said, cutting the twins off before they could start arguing. "Do you have an idea on who the spy and witch are?"

Percy nodded. "I believe the prophecy is referring to my newest guard, Natasha Romanov, and latest claimed camper, Wanda Maximoff, daughter of Hecate."

"There is a mortal in the guard." Apollo said, noticing Natasha didnt have a "child of" tacted to the end of her name.

"One. It's my guard. I do what I want. Two. You have quite literally met her, Apollo."

Apollo held up his hands in surrender. "Is she cute?"

"I've never seen a non-hunter shoot Apollo down as fast as Natasha did." Percy said to Artemis, who was grinning broadly.

"I might just steal her away."

"She would get bored." Ares said. "She's been in a few wars so I know her. I know her type. She has the fire."

Hermes held up his hand and not so quietly whispered to Dionysis. "Did Ares just contribute to the conversation in a meaningful way?"

"Hades if I know." Dionysus said, finishing off his goblet of sweet smelling wine. "I mostly tune you out when the camp comes up."

"Camps." Hermes corrected.


"Camps. Plural. There are five of them now. The amazons, the romans, the Greeks, the hunters and the guardians."

Dionysus stared at him. "When did that happen?"

"You were there!" No less than four gods and two goddesses said.

"I was also plastered. Don't hold it against me!"

"Moving on." Posideon said, trying to avoid the shouting match in the making. "We should leave this mortal king with the spy and witch until they fulfil the prophecy."

"My prophecies can't be rushed like that. Let them take their time." Apollo protested.

Percy sat back and tuned out the chaos that ensued over whether or not prophecies could be delayed, rushed or would take place at their own pace.

Odin suddenly shot up from dead sleep, screamed and collapsed again.

The gods stared in stunned silence that was only broken when Percy's phone rang.

Zeus nodded his approval as Hecate and Apollo rushed over to the mortal.


"Hey, Percy."

"Clarrise. I'm assuming this is important."

"Yeah it is, Prissy." Ooh. Not good. She only called him that over the phone when she was annoyed. "Nat and Wanda were taking a stroll in the woods and when they came out they had this dork with a horned helmet hogtied. Nat says its Loki. She really did a number on him too. Looks like she would be a fun sparing partner. Maybe I should..."


"Sorry. I got sidetracked."

"Happens to all of us."

"Anyways. You better get down here before he wakes up or the Stoll's finish rigging up the human-sized roasting spit that Thalia and Leo are helping with for some reason." Her voice got softer like she had taken the phone from her ear. "What is that even for!"

"Intimidation!" Percy heard Thalia, Leo, Travis and Conner yell all at once.

"Oh, look he was waking up."



"Was. Look, Percy, I gotta go. They're testing it on a new camper."


Percy laughed and put his phone up. "I believe that the bonds were just broken. My guardians have Loki in custody and is currently being guarded by my lieutenant."

"Bring him here at once." Zeus ordered.

"My lord, if I may?" Hecate said, bowing.


"If I may be so bold, but bringing a practitioner of sorcery that cannot be completely circumvented by our own to the seats of our power doesn't seem like a good idea, my lord."

Percy smiled at Hecate. It was taking time but the minor gods were slowly getting used to the new level of respect.

"That does seem like a bad plan." Athena seconded. "A more neutral and less vulnerable location would be ideal. Perhaps Central park. The mist could make us look like other Asgardians or even disguise us completely."

"I will hid you all away if that is your wish." Hecate said, bowing once again.

Or perhaps less progress than I thought. Percy thought to himself. "I can have my guardians escort him there.

Posideon stood. " I shall stay behind and speak with the mortal. Hermes, Apollo. If you would, your presence would be helpful."

"No problem, uncle." Apollo said as Hermes shot him a thumbs up.

"Only myself, Father, Percy and Artemis are to come to the park. The rest of you, return to your posts. Just because the commander is captured doesn't mean the army has fallen." Athena said, switching into commander mode, as Percy liked to call it. "Perseus. Have your guardians bring Loki to the park."

"Alright." Percy said, opening his phone. He had a Olympusgram notification , a photo of Loki being spun like a rotessiry chicken over a fire that had been posted by Thalia.

Grinning he texted his lieutenant. "Bring Loki to Central Park. 
Athena wishes to interrogate him in a neutral location."

He got a reply a few moments later. On our way. Borrowing the charriot.

"She's coming." Percy said.

"Dismissed." Zeus declared, vanishing with a very dramatic crack of thunder.

The council chamber lit up with brilliant light as most of the gods flashed out.


Percy looked over at his dad, who was standing by as Apollo examined his patient.

"Be careful. I don't like this. It feel like we're being moved like chess pieces."

Percy nodded. "Glad it's not just me."

"Whoever is behind this, go show them that trying to control the sea is a very poor decision."

"Yes, sir." Percy said with a grin.

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